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  1. Thank you for the reply. The car was running great before it overheated, but hopefully they are not related. I will give it a tune up and see if it solves my issues.
  2. Thank you! I should already have most of these tools in my garage. I assume the extreme heat from the car overheating could cause the coil pack to go bad and this is a common issue with an overheating engine?
  3. My 2000 ford contour v6 broke the water pump belt on the way home from work tonight. It was a few minutes until I got the car off the road the temp was pegged. I had a friend bring me a new belt and replaced in the parking lot. I was able to get the car home, but a few !miles feo! Ho!e in started to get a misfire. My code reader said it was a misfire on cylinder three and the car bucked the last few miles home. What are so!e causes of this issue (spark plug, coil pack, burnt valve, head gasket) and what are the best ways to check forthese errors? I wil! Check the plug first as they are
  4. Good Morning! I recently have had starting problems with my car and took it to the local garage. My car will just turn over and not start unless you hit the gas. Even if you get it started, it will not idle as soon as you let off the gas. Sometimes, if you cycle the starting/stopping it will finally gain a low idle and if you drive it a while it seems to gain back the idle. But, if its cold and you try to drive the car and hit the brakes, it will just die again. There are no check engine lights on. The shop did clean my throttle body but that did not seem to help. They mentioned to
  5. This does seem simple enough! Thank you. I am going to call my local junk yard this weekend but do any of you know an online swap meet or junk yard where one can order the parts in case my junk yard does not have the parts? I assume the parts are the same for any 95-2000 v6 se sport? Thanks again!
  6. It would be the quick fit fittings/seals.
  7. Hi! This is my first post and I am excited to be on this forum. Have read over a lot of posts but just decided to join. Currently, I am working on my 2000 contour se v6. This is my family's get around town car. It has actually been sitting the last 8 months as we have not had a need for it. We decided to get it road worthy again as gas prices are on the rise. There are many issues to sort out with this car (vacuum leak, clogged cats) but I wanted to started with a question on vacuum fittings. The current vacuum fittings that attach the vacuum lines to the intake manifold has brok
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