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  1. Aussie - I see that you repaired the overall shrinkage of the outer covering by heating and clamping. When you heated up the outer skin, was it relatively easy to stretch out the skin before clamping ? Now that I have the dash out, I would like to fix the slight shrinkage. thanks, Mad Dog
  2. Is the AC clutch continuously engaged during operation, or does it stop after the motor is warmed up ? Mad Dog
  3. I have been assuming the wiring goes with the dash so I disconnected the plugs from the box. I almost have the dash out. So.Close. thanks, Mad Dog
  4. I have a 2000 CSVT. When I pull the dash out, does any of the wiring harness go with it, or does it stay behind ? thanks, Tom
  5. I wrote up a small how-to on repairing the rear spoiler. Let me know if I need to fix anything. http://gionpeters.com/contour/ Mad Dog
  6. Specifically, look for a small metal road that connects the trigger to the valves. It should have 2 small white plastic shims keeping the rod in. However, these rot out a lot and the rod drops free. So even if the IMRC is triggering, it isn't linked to secondary valves. Mad Dog
  7. I posted this in contour.org, but forgot to update here. I had to go to the junkyard and practice on a unit there so I could be sure which way the plastic piece split with. As you say, pry between the grey piece and the spoiler and it pops out. I JB-welded the crack and am cutting new foam gaskets for when I remount it. I am planning on making a how-to when complete. thanks, Mad Dog
  8. I need to remove the rear spoiler on my 2000 CSVT to repair a crack. I managed to get all 3 nuts on the mounting bolts, but when I tried to pull the spoiler up, I hit a snag. THere seems to be 2 plastic clips on each end that attach the spoiler to the deck. Whats the trick on getting the spoiler off ? Do the grey plastic clips (circled item on the left) stay with the deck or the spoiler ? thanks, Mad Dog
  9. It does have a computer. Did he tell you what codes it was throwing ? Mad Dog
  10. Did you have to send your transmission in or did he have parts on hand to sell you ? thanks, Mad Dog
  11. I still more testing to do, so I don't know the answer yet. I emailed Terry a while back to ask about pricing for various MTX-75 repairs/upgrades, but havnt heard back yet. When you repaired yours, did you end up with a Torsen/Qaife, of did you go with the pre-97 diff ? As long as you don't abuse the car, there is no reason why the diff won't last a good long time. thanks, Mad Dog
  12. Aha ! Thats what I needed to hear. That should separate CV problems from my worst case scenario - differential failure. thanks, Mad Dog
  13. Recently, I noticed that when I was taking a slow turn, I hear a ticking sound coming from the drivers side wheel well, and I can also feel it through the clutch pedal. This isn't violent or particularly loud, but it is noticeable and to me sounds like something is binding. The front suspension (except for the drivers side LCA) was replaced months ago with no apparent problems, and the ticking sound is very recent (a few weeks). I removed the wheel and inspected the area, but didn't notice anything obvious, such as leaking CV boots, or leaks in the new tire-rod end. If I had to guess, either the CV joint is starting to go, or something is not right with the steering on the drivers side. If I lift the front end of the car and turn the wheel while not in gear, and the ticking still happens does this imply its the steering linkage ? thanks, Mad Dog (2000 CSVT, 247,000 miles)
  14. When I put the bumper back on, I tried real hard to make sure it was flush with the trunk body, but I still didn't get it quite right. Those little clips in the picture must do something, but as far as I can tell, are not long enough to reach anything. I wonder if a small fitting slipped off the car where the clip would mount to. thanks, Mad Dog
  15. For some reason I can't quite get my rear bumper mounted without a bit too much gap between the body and bumper. I have heard the term "bumper clip", and while I see something "clip like", I don't see how it mounts to the body of the car. Does anyone have a good explanation of what I am missing ? thanks, Mad Dog
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