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  1. Hi everyone. It’s been a while since I’ve visited this forum. i’m sorry that this is not the correct spot to post this ad. I see not much activity Here as it used to be. I’m posting because I am selling my 99 contour SVT. I have most of the factory parts along with a few aftermarket parts. There’s nothing special about the car there’s a few dents and dings in it in the rear bumper is cracked. The car does have a transmission that was rebuilt by Terry himself, along with a Limited slip differential trans has approx. 30k on it. It has a fidonza flywheel, and headers. The rocker panel skirts are good, the wheels are good, the motor is still decent with 140,500 miles on it. The color is toreador red. It has been sitting for four years, but get started and drove twice here. If anyone is interested in my car that I enjoyed more then any other vehicle ever please contact me. I haven’t advertised this anywhere, this is where I would like to start. Hopefully someone can salvage parts to keep theirs going. Travis Drake Benton harbor, mi 2699212280
  2. Thanks Terry and Dom for your responses, I swapped out every sensor I could from my other 99 parts car, all with no difference made, put the originals back on of course,Terry you were correct at the air fuel mix. The UIM and LIM gaskets were leaking. Car is now fixed and runs like a she devil! So the car sat for 6 months, I would have never thought that the gaskets would go bad, would a back fire situation or a clogged exhaust cause the gasket to fail? The car ran great before the trans broke.
  3. No difference with the new MAF, no codes, wet plugs and unburned gas exiting the exhaust. I have checked and rechecked every connection with no luck. I dont understand why it runs horribly. Im stumped, guess ill take it to the shop. Will report back.
  4. following your fuel/ mix theory i went and unplugged the MAF sensor. The car actually idles when i went to start it. When I plug the sensor back in while idling there is a click and the car runs like shiz and dies...guess thats the problem.
  5. I forgot to mention the car will start but instantly quit, unless i press the gas. The fuel filter has been replaced since this problem started. I went and checked the up stream O2 sensors and they were connected well. I have MIL's on the 2 downstream sensors, didn't think those would make the car not run. Yes the fuel/ mix issue is possible, not enough fuel perhaps. It likes backfiring. Its strange how it was fine, hours before it went belly up. I will have to get a pressure gauge to check the fuel pressure i suspect.
  6. Hello everyone, I have been searching on here for an answer with no luck or similar symptoms so I figured Terry would know, here is the story. The 99 CSVT went in to get trans removed. Once I got it back we put everything back together minus exhaust 3 weeks ago, just had headers on (was waiting for more parts) Started the car to make sure it would run after the trans replacement. It started fine and idled nice, motor sounded good. I did this twice within a few hours and it was fine. Later that day I started it and it would not idle, had to keep my foot on the gas. Yesterday I connected the full exhaust and its worse, still not idling and missing horribly. When I hold the gas down to around 3k, the motor will die and rev back. When it does idle it does so roughly at 500 rpm. What has been done: 1: The egr downpipe had to be replaced due to a stripped nut on the header side. (could dirt have clogged something in the intake from not cleaning the pipe?) 2: Checked all connections & large wiring harness with bolts in them also. 3: performed a tune-up (coil, wire, plug) OEM 4: replaced new tune-up parts with old tune-up parts to eliminate chance of multiple issues 5: Checked plugs and all are firing, no wet plugs and they were all warm after a few sec of attempted run time 6: Checked all vac lines 7: cleaned iac, egr My diagnosis with a guess would either be dirt clogging the intake or something electrical. Does anyone have another suggestion? Thank you in advance for your input
  7. Thanks Terry, it really took some digging but I found the torsen, and the TOB. I emailed Luk to inquire about the finding a clutch disk separate from the kit. We shall see what they say.
  8. Hello everyone, Im trying to get my 99' csvt back in working order. I am having trouble finding parts, in particular a Luk clutch disk, OEM throw out bearing, and a torsen t2 diff. I have the pressure plate and slave cylinder already and cannot find a Luk clutch disk separate anywhere. Has anyone seen any Luk disks seperate? Had my local dealer not hosed me I would have bought a kit and been done with it, but now im stuck with my parts. As for the torsen, I've seen a torsen t2 that fits a focus with mtx-75 from 02-04...question is will it fit my car? And at the 900 dollar price tag I seen i wonder if I should just buy a Quaife. Im sure I will have more questions in the future but I need these answered to get this project started. Trans is being taken to Terry whenever I get my bloody parts. Thanks for any info in advance!!! Travis
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