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  1. tyvm, but i take problem to find "Gate"... only i see Dayco, is good alternative? How do I ensure that correct? number of teeth for example?
  2. Hi, I have had much trouble finding the timing belt, can you tell me which brand and code used? or suggest good alternatives please
  3. Finally disarmed and measured, the diameters are 90 mm ​​in total. With this measure i found a option similar to what you say, but still I do not install anything. Now I need some tips on wiring as this model does not come in Contour with them ...
  4. Hello, I want to put my Contour GL 1995 Fog lights, but I cannot find new or original in disarmament. You know the measures that must have some alternative? Gaspar
  5. it's a crankshaft speed/position sensor, and engine start now!!! ;) thanks for your concern and help
  6. It is a view from the driver's side to passenger, the front of the vehicle
  7. mmm, I see this: where in going? Is possible problem
  8. The code is 181, no 118, but the timing belt last changed is at 96000 km (aprox.), 187000 Km in this moment, I change at 192000.
  9. unless you understand the above: Hello, I have as KOEO codes 111 and 181, the car cranking but engine does not turn. One moment before, I was reviewing front wheels (lift each side and turn and move the wheels) and disconnect and move the sensor temperature who reaches to the control panel. If you have any idea how to fix please tell it to me. (i am sorry for my english)
  10. Hello, I have as KOEO codes 111 and 181, and the car cranking but engine does not turn, before it was reviewing front wheels (lift each side and turned and moved the wheels) and disconnected and moved the sensor temperature reaches to control panel. If you have any idea how to fix please tell it to me.
  11. The main difficulty is that there is not much use of "technology" in general mechanics cars, very little and poor market for buying this artifacts, and there is more expensive. By showing a little more of the difficulties, in my round 400 km there is only one automatic transmission mechanic...
  12. Very good information, but unfortunately in my country (Chile) no there is a lot of these, and they not are so cheap, it wasnt "needed", so when needed I will use the manual method (eec test). Thank you very much again for the help.
  13. So although it can connect, I cannot read with the ELM327 ... Do you not know of any way to read with a scanner more economical? The ELM327 is also cheap, and can be used by bluetooth with PC or smartphone, that was my interest, but ultimately cannot be read connected. Mondeoman Thanks for the info, also you have a 1995 GL? You tried to get information in any way? (like what I have in mind)
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