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  1. Should you vacuum down the system before adding the refrigerant with the dye also? Does the oil go in first? If so, if you find a leak should you get more oil for after you fix the leak? Since small cans are bad and liquid charge is risky, should you look for large bottles of r134a ? My compressor just keeps cycling cause its empty.
  2. That's fine. 48234, all it is to put it in is a bolt in the lower steering column and wiggle it loose to free the old one, right?
  3. Sorry to bring up this old thread, but I'm having trouble finding these boots. Do you still have any laying around?
  4. I need some engine work to fix some leaks, pretty sure after replacing ps pump and hi pressure hose my oil leak is timing cover, LIM and possibly others. I'll probably do headers too. Looking for any shops in Metro Detroit area.
  5. Hey Terry...or anyone else, Has anyone had this issue before. I recently just had it installed by a hotrod alignment shop in Eastpointe,MI and for some reason the middle of the sway bar is really close to the K-member. So much so, that if I hit a decent bump I get a loud scraping sound. This is the second shop I've had it at and they're trying to convince me I have the wrong sway bar
  6. Does it make a difference that I have a brand new rear subframe? I thought the new ones were already reinforced with the box mounts.
  7. Is there a walk through or write-up about how this is done?
  8. Hey guys, So I've done my searching about this and didn't see a clear answer. Not to mention CEG is having a database issue. I dropped off my swaybar with 21mm bushing set from Energy Suspension to my mechanic and had no idea about the difference in the mounting brackets. Is this going to take a lot of welding and/or fabrication? My problem :
  9. Thanx guys. Just preparing for the worst if its not adjustment or cable ends. Can't find the part anywhere
  10. Is there anywhere to actually order the shifter cable if it is damaged?
  11. Well the slave & master was replaced apparently cause after the slave was replaced it wasn't bleeding. I noticed sometimes in 1st I feel a little pulsation in the engagement. I was thinking since my shifter is leaning towards me now it was some kinda linkage issue.
  12. I had a shop do a clutch job for me. They did the master & slave and put a Luk clutch in. Now it's definitely stiffer going into gears, especially first. Also, it feels as if I can feel and hear the fork moving loud & a thump when I go between gears. When I move it side to side in neutral it stops when trying to get into 5th and I have to use the reverse lockout sometimes to get it over. Overall looking at the shifter it sorta looks like its leaning towards me more than I remember. Have an idea what they did wrong?
  13. Thanx Terry. The guy previously worked on my mom's Volvo S60 and I've seen a lot of foreign vehicles there. His online reviews are 4.7 out of 5 and I've dealt with my share of mechanics, he seems to be as honest as you can hope for. Also, his lot is usually pretty full and he has a lot of competition in this area. It's Amazin' Auto in Ferndale, MI. I'll let you guys know the quality of work. He was also familiar with Centerforce clutches being a good racing application for our cars. I went with Sachs though.
  14. Hey Terry, I hope since this is a trans question its okay to ask this here. I have 98 CSVT with a 6 year old clutch that's terrible. I took it to a shop that I know of does good work, but this is my first clutch replacement. He quoted me for $1500 for a Centerforce clutch replacement. How does this compare to average cost? Thanx Terry
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