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  1. Last time I posted, I was trying to get information regarding my transmission. After properly assessing the car I realized the cv joint was the culprit (it was broken in the half shaft).after a new axle was installed the car drove with minimal issues. Recently when driving, it stalls at 4500 rpm. When I checked with a scanner, it revealed a code reading of running lean. Now the guy who had the car before me was a genius when it comes to these cars. He told me he bypassed the egr valve and believes it a case of bad gas since he forgot to inform me the vehicle only uses 93 gas.. My suspicion is d flow meter but ....... Any tips pls.
  2. Last time I posted, I was in the process of locating a 5 spd tranny for my car. After further research, I could not really determine if its the tranny or something else. The noise I'm hearing is coming from the right front wheel . It sounds like a bearing or half shaft. When I take off, u hear lots of noise an the right wheel clunks,shakes/vibrates and sometimes appears not to be grabbing.. Could it be the half shaft/bearings? The transmission is located on the left side but the noise is coming from the right side the previous owner never had the transmission checked and assumed it was the diff in the transmission because he claims the symptoms seem familiar. According to him, it was rebuilt last year and according to my knowledge the symptoms do not match his theory. has anyone had this problem before???/ any help or tips would be greatly appreciated Thanks
  3. even the 2.5 contour se and mystique with the 2.5 as well?
  4. hi guys, I hope i'm welcome here, just recently sold my honda and purchased a ford svt. I always wanted one and i always believed those cars were ahead of their time. My friend had this car for 3 years, in those 3 years, he did a ton of work that i stopped keeping count of. Anyways his tranny was going and i decided to buy it Now heres my dilemma, it needs a manual transmission. I have been told that the cougars made from 99 and up that comes with the 2.5 engines share the same transmission. I have been told by several junk yards that the trannys are not interchangeable. Any tips pls . \
  5. Welcome to the forums hus007cars :)

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