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  1. Does anyone on here know for sure? That info was all i could find on google.
  2. Did some research since no one seems to be active here anymore. Looks like the 1st 4 of the transmission # must match to be compatible. Mine do not match so no go. From what i understand electronics and axle ratios are different.
  3. Hello all, I recently aquired a 98 contour cd4e transmission for free. I have a 99 contour with a bad transmission. Can a 98 trans go in a 99? Both cars are zetec automatics.I know there were so many differences between years I figured id do some research first. Thanks guys!
  4. Thanks Mondeoman! Always a big help! Mine is failing intermittently also, every so often it wont start but after sitting a bit it will fire up & run fine for weeks.
  5. I am having trouble with my crank sensor on my 2.0 & I cant get that bolt out! I cant see it so I cant tell what type of bolt it is. Is it torx or hex & does anyone know the size?
  6. Yea Ive been driving it an hr a day for the past 3 days & its been fine. There were metal shavings & plastic bits in the bottom of the tank. Maybe from a deteriorating fuel pump or float? Time will tell! When it wouldnt start the pump would prime but no fuel would come out, just a very slight trickle. I unhooked the filter thinking maybe it was clogged up but still just got a trickle so the pump was probably running but dying. I might change the filter again in a month or so just in case I didnt get all the junk out of the tank.
  7. Yea I understand the CPS tells the computer when the engine is cranking, then the computer turns the pump on. I wasnt getting fuel cranking or priming but you could hear the pump running. I replaced the pump & there was all kinds of gunk in the old one so I think it was just really dirty. I took the pump apart and it was very dirty, I replaced the fuel filter too & brown gas came out of it.There was alot of junk at the bottom of the tank too so I cleaned it out.
  8. Hi all, I have a 99 ford contour SE 4 cylinder with a puzzling issue. A few months ago the car started to run rough and misfire until it shut off. I got it to restart & made it home running rough since I was only like 2 min from home when it happened. It eventually died & wouldnt start back up again. Well later on it eventually started back up & still ran rough but smoothed itself out & ran fine for 2 months after till a few days ago. Well I started it up, it ran rough so I let it idle for a bit. It was running rough until it died & wouldnt start back up. There was alot of
  9. Thank you Mondeoman! How do you drop the sub frame? I see that cross member in the way right under the transmission. I assume you just undo the bolts & the suspension? I need to do that anyway cause I found the spring is broken behind the drivers side wheel.
  10. No advice on even dropping the trans enough to get the cover off? No one has ever done this?
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