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  1. Im glad to hear that John, makes it alot easier! But now this happened, the guy that was supposed to sell me the ST220 just called it off. I have no idea why, so now my whole project has come to a complete halt.. again.. Nobody wants to ship to Denmark, and there are no engines in Denmark appearently because the ST220 never did sell in Denmark really. I also refuse to use the Escape engine as it lacks the power i need to make this project unique. (Also do to strict rules in Denmark, i cannot use forced induction - a fine would be around 65.000$ if the cops would notice, and they do)
  2. I cannot edit???? Anyway, i am now sure the Duratec 30 ST uses RRF, i am not sure about the timing. Anyway, if it is possible, i will interchange the cams, the ST200 cams shreds 2 seconds of a 100km/h to 200km/h run. Some dude uploaded this video for a board showing a drive with st200 cams in a 3.0l engine. The difference is quite significant.
  3. Okay, i now researched abit more, (From talkford) and i must conclude (tho there is no direct evidence) that the Duratec30 ST (There is also a SE producing 206hp vs 226hp from the ST) uses RRF BECAUSE, the topic i found constantly talks about the AJ6 version upgraded to VVT and DAMP. That leads me to believe that the ST220 Engine aka Duratec30 ST, uses RRF and has no VVT appearently. Where does this put me in terms of tuning? I've heard RRF doesnt allow for high rpm? And DAMB is a more durable solution?
  4. Sorry for doublepost: Here is a detailed analysis on the SVT cams vs. 2004 Taurus 3L cams! http://www.contour.org/ceg-vb/showthread.php?41057-SVT-Cams-vs.-3.0L-Cams-The-Real-Difference Basicly the SVT cams opens earlier, (Making them open longer) allowing more air and petrol into the engine giving you more power, which we like. In order to fully exploit the power potential, you should have your ECU remapped. Tho i think my 3L MEBA Ford engine uses direct acting mechanical buckets, and im not exactly sure what the 2.5 engine uses?
  5. Hehe no worries about the Mk3. The engine is a Duratec30, the exact same one which you guys use for your conversions, just a european edition, they are basicly the same but may have been modded on the intake side a little. After a bit of research, i think it uses Direct acting mechanical bucket, but i'm only 75% sure. Exact engine code is MEBA if that rings a bell.
  6. Firstly, i have gotten this confirmed before, but i need it confirmed again. I need the Cougar mounts for the 3l engine to fit the mk2 bay, right? (I need to be 300% sure as this stupid part is hugemongously, i just invented that word, expensive in Denmark) Yeah well, England and USA are really the only countries doing the conversion, so everybody is like "Dude, thats not possible, it will break and explode'n'shoot beams n shiz".. But obviously i know different. What are your 0-60 times in a fully build 3L? And what do you guys produce? I hope for 270hp with 245 of them, atleast, being whp. I need this to beat my friends Prelude (Tho he hasnt even started building on the thing) Thankfully, in Denmark, the laws for tuning is rediculously strict (Unless you don't know the difference of the 2.5 and 3.0 in the bay) so with my sleeper im gonna be eating a lot of cars for dinner. So i've been using this board, and a UK one for ideas, nobody has any clue what to do, here in Denmark, people think of it as too much work and too much money, they usually go with cars that tunes really easy, but thats not the f'in point in this build. It's gonna be really unique, the only one in Denmark. Which is also why i am doing it. And the fact that Ford is just what keeps my heart beating ;) Anyway, i can't wait to get started, unfortunately it won't be before May (I have a savings account ready for then) I'm gonna spend about 5000$ on the engine (maybe a bit less) so i really hope it's gonna be a beast :) I don't care about reselling as i will probably never sell the vehicle again due to its uniqueness. A few other question tho, i was thinking of installing mk3 needles in the mk2 speedo, and also take the sat nav ( I take it fits the original radioframe? DIN2 right?) but other than that its gonna be kept original.. Well besides for the custom leather cab, and some other small detail (Like the illuminating seats when the doors open) BUT other than that, i have no plans :)
  7. This forum is a little slow I have a additional question, my old 2.5 svt engine had the death rattle, is it possible to fix? Or should i just get rid of it. Im gonna take the cams anyway but it could be a fun project later.
  8. I know this thread is old, but if you do some frankenstein operation on the ST220 engine, you will be surprised how much more powerfull the MEBA engine can be. cams from ST200 (Much more aggresive, i saw a diagram once comparing the stock to the stock of the st200 and they are very different in terms of aggresion) This was also proved with a dyno. Headers and full decatted exhaust a PROPER coldair feed The upperinlet from ST200 can do wonders as well but i wont be doing this with my own project. The throttlebody of a mustang is 75mm and is a bolton. Do this and a remapping in the end should push it over the 250hp mark. ANYWAY i am doing this with my own Mondeo MK2 (Which weights less aswell) and when im done some time in the summer of 2014 i will be updating you guys.
  9. The ST200 cams are an extremely good fit for this engine ive been told. Im going with the same swap on my own project, starting in 2 months.
  10. Hi guys. I am getting really excited as my project is nearing the starting phases. I live in Denmark, an we call the Contour, Mondeo here. The SVT is called ST200 producing 205hp, the old engine anyway ;) I'm importing a ST220 from Berlin, a 3.0l 226hp version from 2006, with the full package including the biggest satnav at that point, with only 104.000km on the clock. Paying only 1800$ This is f'in cheap! But the car got reared by a truck so, uh.. My plans are as following: Full 3l swap also using the 6 speed gearbox (Capable of 400hp so it should do nicely). Using cougar engine mounts Using Cams from ST200 (More aggresive in the profile, can this actually be done on this version of the 3.0? I know its possible on the pre 04' models with 220 hp) 75mm Throttlebody from the Mustang V6. Full exhaust overhaul including: New headers - from ebay, they cost about 310$ Blueflame exhaust. I've been told it has a real nice sound tho i don't think making it sound nice will be a problem at all ;) ) And Decatting aswell ofcause. I might have forgotten something, but when all the above is done it will be remapped to make it all play together nicely. The suspension will also be upgraded aswell as the body needs a little repairing, but the engine and related are an priority. The 300mm front brakes will also be swapped along with the 280mm rearbrakes. I hope for 250+ atleast at the crank - i would be sad if it strikes 270 crank hp either. And a nice new 0 - 100 km/h time which is 7,1 sec right now. I hope for less that 6,5 with weight reduction as well if needed. What are your opinions on this ambitious project? Do you got any tips'n'ideas please feel free to share them, i am just as excited as you guys, im looking really forward to working with this project. I will be starting around week 19 till 21. and hope on finish the car at this point, as much as possible anyway. I am also looking at maybe swapping the satnav and somehow make it work, if not impossible. I'm also taking the stearing wheel and the dash needles and stuff like that, if you have any ideas in the matter of using bits from the ST220 please share as well, this car will be really unique. Regards Denmark - Christian.
  11. Welcome to the forums ChrisDKST200 :)

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