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  1. Also, I seek your opinions. My car at the moment is flat black on Exel TZ-10's. I feel the shininess of all the new aluminum pieces on the caliper etc will look awesome against the black. But at the same time I have the option of anodizing. I will post a picture with the colors. Please leave feedback and I will post pics of install and weight comparison compared to stock etc, as this comes to fruition. Thank you for looking.
  2. One week till completion of my new Aerospace Big Brake Kit. You ask why? I ask why not when it comes to safety not to mention these are a must before I install whats in that last picture.
  3. 1. YES, you can use a merc cougar hub and knuckle/spindle ass. Just of course has to be disk brake which i believe all cougars are. I had a set of brakes being mocked up for me by my buddies company. it will be 4 pistons front and rear with 13" drilled and slotted. Seeing as my tour is my DD, I could not just give him my spindles and hubs. I picked some up off ebay. The Fronts worked fine, seemed like i ordered a drum brake spindle on the rears on accident even tho it said it fit the SVT. Stupid ebay. Needless to say i could not find a knuckle for a contour for the life of me, but once I searched cougar, I got many hits. And if Im correct only the SVT's came with disc brakes, all SE's had drum. Maybe this solves your problem, but I do not see how this corrects your 4x108 to the 5x114.3 you want.
  4. Thank you sir. I just figured if you are willing to put much money into something, might as well take your time do it right and buy the best parts available. Thank you all for your interest, and I'll be sure to update in the forums all the fun goodies as they come to fruition.
  5. Name: Ford Contour SVT (1998) Date Added: 29 March 2014 - 03:32 PM Owner: blackandbluesvt Short Description: This is a 35k mile full Mazda MPV swap. View Vehicle
  6. Id love to do it again too. The link that i have shared I can take no credit for. Pat Blackwelder did most the work. Some things I saw him do I was like what are you thinking, but he got it in, AND ONE BIG DISCLAIMER for the MPV swap. The hood will not close perfect with the giant UIM. You can see it slightly in the third picture I posted before. It will close and latch, just will not sit perfect. The main things I had to get her running were, bearings, axles, spindle/hub, battery, alternator, fix crooked exhaust, fix vacuum leaks, fuel pump, and rewired radiator fans and replaced the fans, which sucked big time.
  7. Wow, beautiful Ride. Super nice tornado red, mmm rare... I have definitely seen you around for years on the org. I must ask, are those early mustang rims with a good offset, or are those replicas or just something similar? As far as a 5 spoke goes, its one of my favs. The Tours had decent ones, but they should have put your/stang style on originally and added that 3.0. I often wonder if the Contour would have done better with the 3 liter. We can have fun with just the 2.5, imagine all the SVT goodies on an oem 3 banger, oh what a dream.
  8. It will be fun to see how the Maz. MPV Duratec likes the turbo. Thank you Mondeo Man, def keep you posted with a build thread pics etc. for your entertainment. Prob be another 2 months or so and ill have the Aerospace Components front and rear 13" 4 Piston BBK, Turboed!!!!
  9. Great idea, not sure why I always seem to complicate things. I don't think I would have ever got around to thinking that, ha ha. Anyways thank you so much sir, Perfect idea, on to the Pegging.
  10. Yes it was awful, We owned since she was new. And yes the kit once spoke of that was for sale on Craigs for $550. Super Steal. Long story short the man owned a shop he was doing work on a Cougar for some guy, that guy disappeared, jail, and claimed custody through the court for all his stuff after so many days, etc, then sold all his stuff for cheap. I guess it was posted for over a month too, craziness. But good news its barely used, no wobble no oil, so looks good. Huge Treadstone intercooler, lots of piping. the headers, y pipe, Xcal, Tail wastegate, and XS blov. Oh ha and the Master Power Turbo.
  11. Hmm. okay, Is it a bad idea to leave it open at all times or will this rob me of low rpm torque and/or run too lean?
  12. Hello everyone. I have been a Contour fan since 98 when my mom brought this amazing vehicle home that all my friends loved. The funny thing is she always wanted a BMW and could never afford it, so when she went to the local ford and saw this black beautiful SVT there, then she drove it, she was sold!! Good for me, little did i know she was bringing home such a rare and wonderful piece of ford history. Now she has her little BMW one series and no its not the turbo, but yes its a manual, but what a dog and boring to drive compared to our old contours. Anyways long story short, that poor girl was totaled and i now have a 1998.5 with a full mazda MPV swap in it with less then 35k on the clock. It will be receiving the Nautilus kit here shortly plus many other goodies. Thanks, Bill
  13. Terry, I recently saw that you and another gentlemen were discussing the Mazda MPV swap in a Contour SVT. I have one which is a full swap over, cams and all are MPV. Cooling etc, is SVT. My question is: there is a upper intake butterfly valve secondary flap that is electrically driven. As we know the SVT's were in the LIM and cable driven. SO... since I am using the SVT TB, what would be the best option to get that sucker to open at the correct rpm? Some people have told me a nos box or tap into the ecu, don't really want to do that tho. Thank you so much for your time!!
  14. So I have a close friend who works/owns Aerospace Components, which specialize in drag racing brake components. They are making me a 13" drilled slotted, and plated Four Piston front and Back kits for $1575.00. Crazy deal and I am sure they would honor the deal for some fellow Contour Enthusiest. This kit not to mention is crazy light compared even to our stock components due its aluminum construction. Once I get him some hub/spindle assy. I will be able to give you exact rotor width and full assembly weight. Thanks for reading, here is the facts I do have. There are also many pictures on google of their 4 piston calipers. Billet Aluminum 4 Piston Calipers Billet Aluminum Hats Hawk Performance Brake Pads Billet Aluminum Mounting Brackets Grade 8 Hardware Retains Stock Sealed Bearing Hub Assembly and ABS sensors Drilled, Slotted and Nickel Plated Rotors Made in U.S.A. Retain E brake The picture clearly has the wrong hat type on, but that is the 13" rotor
  15. you are all correct, i have one with a direct mpv drop in. All svt but the motor, even the cams are mpv, really nice ride. i will get pics up soon and i have a link to the build thread. http://www.contour.org/ceg-vb/showthread.php?67307-Another-CEG-r-doing-a-MPV-3.0-swap
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