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  1. It's Mid August and i am still easy to please. I cant believe NOBody has any of these or knows of someone else with a contour that has em.
  2. I am still searching for those Rota wheels! 15X7.5 on 4X108 drill, 63.35mm hub. I am paying a bounty of a $75.00 gift card to any member here who can connect me to a seller that has these wheels.Please P.M me with information. This offer is valid with good leads to either a set of four or even just a straight, unbent pair! Or i will also buy three of them if thats what they have for sale. I am easy to please.
  3. I should add that i will pay a finders fee of 50 bucks (in the form of a gift card) to anyone who hooks me up with someone who has these rims!I do not expect anything for free. I have to believe that some body has had a set of these sitting in their garage for years.Or even just maybe has a pair.I AM A BUYER, NOT A LIAR>
  4. My dad had a 79 Fiesta sport. So, yeah I know what you are talking about. Those wheels for the old Fiesta, like minilites or some of the Borbet etc types are still available new and used. But it is the racing type tires in 13in that are tough to get. I will be among the very last people to abandon 15 inch wheels. I have some 13 inch studded Menards tires for ice racing they are mounted on 13 inch 81 escort factory aluminum rims. That is the only set of 13 inch competition tires i have or will ever own. They are so wicked that i thought Goober the tire guy was going to cry when he saw them waiting for him to mount up!
  5. Yes. Something like that in a 15 inch. I am kinda surprised that forgeline or Centerline have not offered at least one non monster diameter wheel offering for the contour/cougar/focus/fiesta autocrosser and roadracer crowd. I don't totally hate 17 to 20 inch wheels but once you have driven on a really light set of wheels these big rims just feel like millstones from an accelleration standpoint and they feel "twitchy" rather than "sharp"for response on turn in. I also like the lower tire prices and lighter weight of 15's. I have like 30 sets of wheels and tires between my fiesta, mustang, and escorts. I am just trying to keep a level of sanity intact on what i have to maintain in an inventory of choices that looks crazy to most people.
  6. Yup. That is why I have resorted to posting for used rims. I had contacted 18 Racing, which is also known as wheelbay on Ebay. and also A-Spec wheel in Oakland, California. They are both stocking dealers of Rota wheels, BUT that one is not currently available. I would be happy with just a pair or three or a set. My next alternative for my Fiesta St will be to contact a manufacturer of forged aluminum wheels and get a quotation for a set of 15X7 or 7.5 CNC machined billet wheels. I have not found a single offering for something like that. All the companies like forgeline and Centerline have moved to huge diameter rims as their mainstream product offerings. I will probably have Centerline quote me for a set of wheels using their 15 inch Focus offering from a few years back, only i will specify a less fast & furious style of center design. Probably a simple five spoke type like your SVT rims. So I still need to find Rota slipstream wheels if possible.
  7. Specifically Rota Slipstream 15X7.5 in any color. I have a set i purchased new for my SE when it was new and them also used them on a focus i had. I would be interested in getting at least a pair of them or i would buy just three OR a set. I hope someone on these forums has some of them or knows somebody that does.My name is scott and i can be PM'd here! I also should add, i have cash.
  8. I am a former contour SE owner who is seeking a set of Rota Slipstream 15X7.5 wheels. These wheels are what i hope to find for my upcoming Fiesta ST. I have one set of them on my current Fiesta and want to have either a whole set or at least a pair (or three if thats what ya' got!) to use for track events and autocrosses. Just PM me here and we can figure out the rest! thanks!
  9. Welcome to the forums scotman :)

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