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  1. My mercury mystique has an issue with the dash, it seems to be peeling up from where the dash meets the front windshield , anyone have any ideas on on how i can correct this problem, its my aunts car actually, who does alot for me and my disabled mother i do all the maintenence and repair on the vehicle for all she has done, i would really like to find a solution to this problem to make her a little happier, she has given up hope on it but i dont quit so i would appreciate any suggestions anyone might have. Thanks much, sincerely, Jeff O
  2. Hello, BuckeyeSVT I have been having a heck of a time on my aunts 99 mercury mystique with the emissions system i think that the post about the egr passages is just what the doctor ordered i have all the manuals on the car and non of them so where the passages are located i really appreciate the post and pic you showed, you made my life so much easier. Thanks again for sharing this, you helped this backyaed mechanic finally get the job done right, sincerely Jeff
  3. Welcome to the forums jeffo39 :)

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