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  1. http://m.ebay.com/itm/Rear-View-Mirror-Monitor-Car-DVR-Camera-Dash-Video-Recorder-1080P-32GB-Card-Free-/391368311376?nav=SEARCH This one has front facing camera, buy it says 170degree angle fisheye lens. Not sure if you want fisheye for dash cam. There are other models on eBay. Compare several, I paid $99 plus $24 shipping for mine. But same seller had same mirror for $175 w free ship, $45 w $100 shipping. Mine came with back up radar, but now those are double price.
  2. The same company I bought that one from has several versions of the mirror. Mine is basic, no auto dim, only hidden 4.3" monitor. It has two RCA video inputs, one is turned on by reverse lamps and pressing pwr button switches. They have monitor mirrors with Bluetooth and shows caller id in the screen. They have ones with built in forward facing HD camera and DVR built in. All on eBay. Several different sellers, but all from same Chinese factory.
  3. If I keep it, this is my next upgrade. I bought this one off eBay to put on our Freestar. I couldn't be happier with it. 4.3" monitor in the mirror. The mirror looks just like OEM Gentex mirror.
  4. I live in such a rural area, there aren't any Contours in classifieds near me. I'm really torn. I love this car, its so nice. I dont even think of it being a 99 model. It looks so clean and shinny new. A/C works, all pwr windows & locks work, all switches and knobs work. All the door switch backlights work. The stereo sounds awesome. $1,800 was mention. I think I'll advertise it for $2,000, but take $1,800.
  5. There is a button for rear defrost above the headlight switch. There is a blank beside it for an option mine doesn't have. I guess mine has anti lock brakes because it has wheel speed sensors. But they after a deer crossed in front of me one night, I discovered all four wheels did lock up. The rear brakes were in terrible shape when I bought it. Both cylinders leaking, shoes soaked in brake fluid, everything covered in greasy grime including the speed sensors. I cleaned everything, replaced cylinders, shoes, springs and cleaned the drums. I hoped cleaning the speed sensors would fix anti lock, but even if that was the cause, I think it has to be on diagnostic to clear codes and reset anti lock system. I figured on a 16 year old car it would be a long shot to have working anti lock brakes again. I put new pads and rotors on front also, so it stops better than our four wheel disc Freestar.
  6. I can't find any rust on this car. Was in the junk yard and walked by a Cadillac someone had already bought the bumper cover off of. There was these two horns on a single mount. I remembered reading that Cadillac's have all the high and low note horns. So its on my car now. There loud and sound like a big car, lol. I built a whole new harness for the fog lights. If I come across the factory fog headlight switch, I'll rewire them. But for now the relay is triggered by the parking lights.
  7. 55 watt, H11 bulb. Manufacture is S-Koito. I wish I knew what model car they were made for.
  8. Aimed fog lights up. Yep, now there too high. Lol
  9. Tires have plenty of tread, but I suspect there getting old.
  10. I was mistaken, it has 174,600 miles. I put 155k in an earlier post. I didn't realize I had put that much on it. It had 145k when I bought it 3 years ago. I was dating someone an hour north in Marion those first two years and drove up there 2 or 3 times a week. Now its only driven about 3 times a month. I think its in such good condition because its all highway miles, no stop and go. Also I'm the first owner not keeping it in a garage.
  11. Sorry, the sun was glaring on windshield.
  12. No curling dash here. The TSB appears to have already been done. I washed it yesterday and vacuumed it today, then took some pics.
  13. I'm 6 hours south of Chicago. It's very rust free. Its been a local car, always been in West Kentucky. I can try to get pictures of underneath.
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