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  1. They operate like a COmpression fitting, there are two little tabs on each side that must be depressed in order to remove the lines themselves Then and ONLY then will they slide out. you must disengage the little locks.. push IN...then pull out. I did mine a few years back..wasnt too horrible.
  2. Any updates on this?? I was starting to get the same smell in my vehicle, Not sure if there may be some residual fuel left that somehow isn't being burnt?? I dunno, then again I know my cats are shot, and I would agree on it only doing it cold, once warmed up nothing noticed.. Maybe cold weather plays a factor? (it's been freezing in PA lately) I seem to notice it inside the car a tiny bit but def outside..
  3. Be aware they can be NIGHTMARE to replace/remove the spring without a QUALITY spring compressor.. And if it's rusted you will have a VERY hard time getting the top nut off...
  4. Are you running SVt UIM n such or full 3liter intake goodies..?? Nice numbers..
  5. Name: Ford SVT Contour (1999) Date Added: 23 May 2017 - 11:01 AM Owner: francispennysac Short Description: Beautiful toy. #2013 Driven, broken dead diff right now..just started rebuild and repair!! View Vehicle
  6. I have confirmed on my own cars (2 mitys, 2 SVTs) that the gauge cluster's must also be same year.. 99 can only go in 99 I had a 1998 Neither my 99 or 00 gauges worked..in it. My 99 tique and 99 SVT can swap gauges and everything works no problem.. I'm not saying this is end all advice, but from personal testing that has been the case with mine... My 98 was a 4 banger.. my two 99's are a SVT and a V6 mystique(returnstyle), my other one was another SVT it was a 00(returneless,different ecu)
  7. Bought another 99 Mystique this time with a V6..its Loaded.. I love it :)

  8. I might, no promises but if I am able to take off I will be there with my SVT...
  9. You blew out the new head-gasket, If you don't know what your doing.. Don't do it. my guess is being the engine is Alluminum you warped the head..and it's won't seal.. therefor no compression to start it up...the more you do it.. The worse it gets.
  10. So this year I plan on having my SVT back on the road.. my diff died, I had too much fun... anyways I will be mostly in the Lehigh Valley Area of PA... But I plan on going to Ford Nationals, Cars and Coffee events..e.t.c.. if you see me come over and say hello!! And whoever I saw the other month out here with a T-Green SVT, Hello, I drove by in my Mystique on SVT wheels..
  11. I am pretty sure you would be fine, the did do minor update's and such. but being so close in years..
  12. yes heat and electronics dont mess well at all. All those fun sensors under there generate enough heat to begin with.. Any check engine lights other than that??
  13. this is going to sound odd, but try changing the fluid over to synthetic, I can personally say I saved my ATX by having t flushed and filled with Sythetic fluid.. My car wouldn't shift/high rev then bang into gear.. 15k later.. its still running strong and I beat the piss out of it..and yes the fluid was black as night coming out. In hind-sight I would also say to change the input-speed and output-speed sensor. but seriously Me switching to Synthetic fluid I fully believe and have the miles to prove that it SAVED my Cd4E. They are know for blowing out valve-body's Do u remove valve body with the trans in the car?
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