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  1. I need one for a 98' 2.0 I wonder if a focus 2.0 harness will work, even with some modification
  2. Still can't solve, Why does the Alt make the idle rough?????
  3. Yes, no change even though it isn't leaking ac. I don't get it. It runs fine, It's just that rough idle
  4. No, But I still suspect the Alt. Did a AC ripple test last night. AC volts spike at more than 100mv. AC voltage on a cars system isn't good. It can disrupt hall effect sensors that generate a AC square wave, (crank sensor, cam sensor, speed sensor) it means a bad rectfier. I'm going to warranty out the Alt.
  5. Injector plug was'nt seated and the fuel line was pushing on it. Now as far as the alternator problem, I'm now thinking mechanical drag, but I don't have a way to test for that. All my years as a tech and this has never come up.
  6. Found it. #1 injector connector wasn't seated. Fuel line was stressing it when moved.
  7. 98' GL 2.0 auto. Get this, If I wiggle or push on the fuel return line, it missfires on one or more cylinders and the short term fuel trim starts to climb. Goes positive more than 10%. Is that weird or what, I noticed the symtom while driving, it happens at random. There is no rhyme or reason for that to happed, but it does. If STFT goes up, then the exaust is lean. So i'm looking at a posible loss of fuel. I don't see any leaks. I can't see how this is causing an injector to cut out or an ignition miss. A vacum leak maybe, but caused by moving the return line? I suppose I c
  8. Now get this. When I wiggle the fuel return line, it goes to miss firing and the fuel trims start climbing. Let go of the line and it will straighten out. I can't tell if it's related to the roughness caused by the alternator. This is the strangest problem I've ever seen.
  9. I'm going to swap out this Alt just to make sure.
  10. yes it did, i'm pretty sure now that it's wiring. I'm looking at the schematic right now.
  11. Found this, If I unplug the Alt, the symtom goes away. When I plug it back in, the engine realy stumbles.
  12. I already replaced Alt, It was under warranty. It's easy on a 2.0. Ford manual does'nt list this under symtoms. I was kinda thinking noise or bad alt wiring. I was thinking of upgrading the battery cables. That worked in my Bronco, 26 year old wiring needed more juice.
  13. No voltage drop on battery posistive or or grounds. No change on fuel trims or advance or anything else, looks the same as without symtom. I'm a GM master tech and this car is beating me. Yeah I use crc contact cleaner all the time, it's great stuff. Just made a interesting find. I took the belt off to check for any pulleys that might be seizing up, So I started the car with the belt off, turned the fans on and, no symtom. smooth with not even a stutter on fan start up. mmmmmm???? Guys at the dealership use this as ammo againt Ford. They already give me a hard time.
  14. Has anyone had this with a 2.0 The engine is as smooth as a 4 cylinder can be with no loads. but when the cooling fans come on the engine get rough. this is felt at idle and while driving. The same thing happens when you turn on the headlights or the blower. Alternator is holding 14 volts or better with anything on and more than 13.4 with everything on. The car has no apparent loss of power, throttle response it good, no hesitation Could this be a coil breaking down and the electrical load is making it show? I don't like throwing parts at a car. Any insight would be helpful. Than
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