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  1. Name: Ford Contour SE (1996) Date Added: 09 June 2005 - 08:27 PM Owner: spankis Short Description: Sport model with 5-speed mtx and a stock zetec engine with a nice looking stainless muffler. 17 x 7" Hot Wheels rims with Falken Ziex 215/50 series tires. Blue l.e.d.'s and EL wire inside and out, w/ 6-color white face gauges. A lip Spoiler and a rear bumper off of a 99' Contour. Upper lower grilles meshed, and a decent system consisting of: pioneer head unit, pioneer 6x9 4-ways all around, and a 900 watt Sony Xplod Amp powering two 12" Audiobahn Special Edition subs in a bandpass box. View Vehicle
  2. Not specifically for Contours, I know, but as of late there have been many negative reviews of the Ksport product by 3000gt/Stealth owners. I was considering getting a set myself, but issues like leaking starting as soon as 6 months after installation, poor fitment, and a popping sound as a result of the upper mount that Ksport refuses to acknowledge. Also, I know the ones for the Stealth platform don't have mounts for brake lines.... Just a heads up, as this is an indication of poor quality from Ksport for a decent platform, not just mass-production models for the civic/integra crowd.
  3. It's actually just a dark painted finish, either gunmetal or just straight black. Here's a linky: http://images.google.com/imgres?imgurl=htt...ficial%26sa%3DN
  4. They look pretty nice. I believe that's the PKR; the PK6 was a nicer looking variation, but I don't think they make them anymore. Either way it's not bad but it's definitely not forged.
  5. You would have to branch out into Domestically-owned foreign makers, like mazda, to find what you're looking for.
  6. There's a chance that might end up being slightly faster than your Mystique....maybe.
  7. That is a sexy beast man, damn. Congrats!
  8. Link is here: 99 SVT For Sale - Autotrader Seems like it's in good shape, and a decent deal. Yes, it features some rice, but nothing too major ;). I saw it and briefly considered it, but can't afford another car at the moment.....
  9. spankis

    Bolt Pattern

    I know when I was looking for wheels, I found that some older audis also had the 4x108 pattern, not sure about the offset though. If you're looking to do the "forced upgrade" this site has REALLY good prices on factory focus svt wheels. http://www.nthcoast.com/store/index.php?cPath=45_57 My friend is about to buy a set for his focus. They fit the contour perfectly, and even have the svt center cap!! :)
  10. Hey Dom, I just talked to kid who bought my old car, and it got me thinking about FCO again. I checked in and see that you got this working. I remember you discussing it at the last meet I made it to, and I thought it would be cool then. Anyway, congrats! I'd like to make it out to the next meet you guys have in the spring if there's enough interest, I'm still a contour fan, even without one of my own :)
  11. I would probably be in for this too. Although you probably know I no longer have the contour. If y'all don't hate me too much I'd still like to come and check out the cars :) !!!!
  12. They're a VERY popular option with the 3000gt/Dodge Stealth crowd I've recently become acquainted with. From what I've heard their early applications had issues with leaking, but this has since been resolved. The majority of people with them are satisfied from what I can tell. They're REALLY adjustable too.....I assume most of this info translates across their product line. I think they're a Korean company, if anybody's wondering.
  13. I don't think that's the same car....unless the new owner has changed A LOT!!!! Different grill surround, mesh, rear center lense I believe, rims.....who knows, it's late but I'm sure Dom will clarify.
  14. Hey, Europe's paying like $7 American for a gallon. We're still ahead of the game - and then there's the whole "Dollar for a bottle of water, three dollars for a gallon of gasoline" argument...... it's not THAT bad yet.
  15. Good lord, please do it. As ridiculous as it sounds, it can't be THAT fast though if the Conti is the same car....who knows
  16. Well I mean, if he's in Germany and this guy's in Canada.....lol. On a side note, go get GoogleMaps directions from Germany to Canada, it's quite entertaining, seriously do it!
  17. I think I'm gonna convert the rear end to 3000gt tails and bumper, as well as the front end. I have a hookup w/ a guy here locally who can do the front and rear bumper, tails, fogs, and signal lenses for $250, so I may jump on that. The plan once I get the contour sold is to put some money towards painting those parts and buying a set of rims and tires. I'm hoping to do a Black & White theme, w/ black or dark rims and tinted windows.......we'll see.
  18. So folks, I bought myselft a new ( to me ) car. It's a 93 Dodge Stealth, with 68k on it. It's in PERFECT shape. I bought it from a friend of my grandparents , after her husband died. It was the older man's car and I used to mow their grass in high school - KARMA works, I got it for $3,000. I wasn't really looking to buy a car, but i couldn't pass it up with shape it's in and the low miles. It's basically a 3000gt, with some differing body panels. It's also N/A with a manual, so it's not the crazy TT AWD one, but I'm still very happy with it. It makes 220hp/205tq stock, so it's fairly comparable to SVT performance. A lot of people talk about how heavy the 3000gt/ Stealth's are, but it's really just a reputation they've gained from the 4000 lb VR-4 AWD models....mine only weighs 3186 :). Right now it's 100% stock and bland, but I'm excited about the availability of aftermarket stuff for the platform, something that can be a little rough w/ the contour. Here's a few pictures I took the other night. Any thoughts/opinions are always welcome. Anyway, I thought I'd share as this means I'm going to have to sell the contour :( , and although I won't have the it anymore, I'll definitely frequent the forum, as the people and info here have proved extremely helpful and fun for the past 4 years I've been a member. I guess you'll see my car in the classifieds here tonight or tomorrow, albeit a lowly zetec .....she's been WELL taken care of!
  19. Hot damn! I guess I was a little too interested in the pics, my bad.
  20. A man in Portugal was apparently moving, he found a nice property to buy. It had oddly been abandoned for many years. Upon buying it, he finds a barn padlocked shut in the trees. When he gets rid of the lock and looks inside, he finds an AMAZING collection of old cars....... This is really really awesome, I'm sure Mr. Leno is envious, as am I! http://www.geenstijl.nl/paginas/mirror/200...azda/index.html It's on a forum that is what I guess is Portuguese - maybe german, but the pictures really tell the story.....
  21. Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaamn! It sure does, way to go w/ that many miles too! Plug those bumper holes and you'll be *perfect* :)
  22. I second that. Although the 2.0 is pretty peppy for a 4 cylinder, and ford's gearing helps things, REAL fast is not a happy place in a zetec. Note: I have one :)
  23. Somebody please kill this thread......before I kill myself. P.S. - I don't really have an opinion one way or the other on the matter, but I do think it's funny. I mean "It takes a real man to out smart a deer"......c'mon you know you chuckled :)
  24. My grandpa gave me his old fleetwood, ( yes a big a$$ cadillac ) when he bought his current one, and it was doing a similar thing. It turned out to be the cv-joint, where the boot had failed and all it's lubricant leaked out, making it turn very rough, kinda popping in and out on the freeway, actually affecting steering!!! :)...... after replacing the joint and the boot, all is well now. I'm just sending this up the flagpole and hoping somebody salutes, I don't really know....
  25. Very nice indeed, the focus look is starting to grow on me a little too ......may i ask what makes "quikfocus" quick?
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