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  1. Imrc can be tuned out and there is also a resistor bypass that can be made. Depends on the pcm code. I've got one I've been sitting on for awhile.
  2. This is all I've got bid but gives wire locations.
  3. With no spark on 5 and 1, and multiple coil packs and same result. I'd check the wiring harness, since they run off the same wire.
  4. Yes you can. You will need to swap injectors, injector harness, engine harness, temp sensor. Pcm they stay with there perspective cars.
  5. Let me just stop you right there. Will not work. You can't hook up a return setup into a returnless. The motor, swap injectors, fuel rail, harness and you'll be good. Transmission will not work. One is rod shift other is cable. No the ends on the pcm harness are pinned different. Are you missing pins or you can see where a pin was and the wire? Because all the pins aren't used.
  6. Welcome to the forums squeek'ing :)

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