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  1. If you remove the plastic cowl panel underneath the windshield wipers, you'll see it in there. You'll have to remove the wipers themselves, which isn't hard to do. I believe what you saw is the cruise control module.
  2. Nevermind, I think I found it. For future reference, an aftermarket replacement for the trans mount that is directly under the air filter box, use Anchor Part #2873.
  3. All, I have been reading through the forums on the difference between the roll restrictors and the engine and transmission mounts (1998 2.0L Auto Trans). My transmission is currently resting on the subframe behind my driver's side front wheel, and I figure I need a new trans mount. (Any objections?) Anyways, does anyone know what it actually looks like? I am trying to purchase one off of RockAuto, and wanna get the right one. Is this it?
  4. The fact that the fans won't kick in while the AC is on would lead me to believe that the pressure sensors in the AC loop are suspect. Does the AC put out good cold air or not? I would think that if you don't get cold air with it on, then there is a leak in the system resulting in low pressure, and therefore the sensor isn't getting the right input to kick the fans in. I have yet to find my issue. I have a low idle when in gear, the car vibrates at times when the fans do kick in and then smooths out when they kick out. I am looking into purchasing a pcm off of a guy soon to see if this changes its behavior.
  5. I'll definitely have to recheck that connection, thanks for the help!
  6. In case anyone encounters this problem, the two different switches are an easy swap! Best upgrade I've made in a while!
  7. Hello everybody, I have a 98 Zetec Contour with a four position windshield wiper switch (Down, and then three up positions). The down position was just one "wipe", the first up position is an intermittent wipe, the second is faster, and the third is crazy fast. I used to have a 96 Zetec Contour, from which I pulled the wiper switch out of before I junked it. It had the little dial on it that let you set the time in between the wipes, much more convenient than what my 98 has. Does anyone know if these switches are interchangeable? I plan on diving into it next week, but I was just wondering if anyone knew if I was wasting my time. Thank you all!
  8. The thermostat has been replaced already. I have basically checked everything besides the integrity of the wiring itself, and I do not think that is the problem on this car.
  9. Thanks for the response mondeman. I know for sure that the relays and the fans are good, because they work just fine sometimes. I guess all that is left is wiring.
  10. Hello everyone, I have a 98 zetec that I replaced the head gasket on about 8000 miles ago. I bought it unaware that it had a head gasket problem and I think that it was due to overheating. The overheating is due to the radiator fans not kicking in automatically all the time. It seems like some days they'll kick in right when they're supposed to, and other days the temp gauge will climb to the "L" in normal and force me to turn the Ac on to kick in the fans. I've checked everything it seems, but I was wondering if anyone has heard of the ecm having problems and causing this issue. I figured I would ask here before getting another exam from the junkyard. I'm really at my wits end with this cooling system, I can't figure this one out, any advice would be greatly appreciated!
  11. Just wanted to follow up on the cam and overheating issues I had for anyone that encounters the same problem. First, I swapped the intake cam from my 96 Zetec into my 98 Zetec VCT, and it seems to run pretty good. It definitely isn't perfect, but it runs pretty good. I am considering finding a different cam from a VCT motor and swapping them out to see if there is a difference, but I'm in no hurry to do that. My overheating issue is still there, the fans kick in, but when the temp needle is almost in the red, I start to sweat every time it does it. I might try swapping the gauge cluster or the computer to see if anything changes, I have tried everything else it seems.
  12. Alright, it almost has to be held in with some sort of a pressed on clip or something, I didn't see any screws at all. However, you couldn't really see much while pulling the drivers seat away from it the whole time.
  13. Thanks for the heads up Aussie, I'll check your postings and see if I can find it.
  14. Hello everyone, I purchased a 1998 Ford Contour recently, without keyless entry. Will my car still have all of the wiring for the module and everything? Could I go to a scrap yard and get all the necessary parts and install it? My car has electric locks, but does it need special solenoids in all of the doors for it to work? Thank you!!
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