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  1. Problem Definition: 95 Ford Contour, 82K miles. Turn signal & hazard light does not function. Turn signal and hazard is switched on, nothing, no lights, no blinking. At times, when hazard light starts to blink, turn signal also works. Of course the hazard light works even without a key on but turn signal only would function with key, on. It almost seems that there is a short somewhere that just killed the function. All three brake lights works fine. Resolution Process: From my experience, on domestic cars, when a bulb is out, the signal light stays on or blinks in more rapid interval. When flasher is out, the blinking function is out and the lights would stay on. Neither of these symptoms appears to be present. I was really puzzled by this. First thing I did was to check the fuses, both under the hood and dash. Found no blown fuse. Then I did some search on-line and found the turn signal switch is common problem for this vehicle. But the symptoms are not well described so I could not pin point to the switch. I’ve also learned that the flasher is on the turn signal switch module. Also the symptom of flasher being bad is not well described in videos available either. It sometimes work, I knew means bulbs are fine. I’ve decided to replace the flasher first as this is the least costing solution. If this does not work, I will try the switch. Solution: I got a flasher from a junk yard and replace the part and whamo, it started to work. Video Replacing Switch https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OVbfBFGrt30 Forum Tips - Turn Signal Stick: http://www.fordcontour.org/topic/4862-turn-signal-stick-seems-to-be-dying/?hl=%2Bturn+%2Bsignal+%2Bswitch&do=findComment&comment=30210 - Turn Signal Does not Stay On; http://www.fordcontour.org/topic/3052-turn-signal-doesnt-stay-on/?hl=%2Bturn+%2Bsignal+%2Bswitch&do=findComment&comment=17735 - Always Check Flasher First: http://www.contour.org/ubbthreads/showflat.php?Cat=&Board=trouble&Number=702229&page=&view=&sb=5&o=&fpart=all&vc=1 Turn Signal Switch (95~00, 99~02 Cougar) OEM Part# = F5RZ-13K359-B Flasher OEM Part# = F8RZ-13350-AA
  2. Mondeoman, Thanks for the offer to send me the parts, but I think I am going to pass on the Coil Spring and Cooling Fan... I went to a local junk yard as they just got 97 Contour. I check the passenger side and the one on there is broken at the upper area of coil spring. The driver side look OK so I started to remove the whole assembly. As I was removing the Strut Assembly, I realize that the Stabilizer Bar would also had to be replaced as you cannot remove the bolt off of Strut Assembly. Also the nut on top of strut shaft cannot be removed unless you have a special tool to hold the center shaft of strut and socket wrench to remove the nut on that shaft. Lastly, the bottom portion of the strut that is in the steering knuckle is so hard to remove and it will be hard to put it back on. Despite the difficulty, I was able to remove the assembly in two hours of time. But to find the coil spring to be in pretty sad shape. Rust on the top portion and bottom. It may last another few years or it may broke in few month. There is no way of knowing. So I made a decision to not buy that strut assembly removed. I have decided NOT to replace broken driver side spring. It is making some noise when turning steering wheel but I do not think it will hurt anything. I am going to have my son live with the broken spring for another year.
  3. Thanks for the heads up! I am aware of danger involved in compressing spring to remove from strut assembly. I am not about to go buy the tool but planning on renting it from Advance Auto. I would think that would do. As to the top nut. Is this a problem for all old vehicles or specific to this model. I live in rust prone area and I am always in concern working on older cars because of that. The one I have is 1995 but with only 78K miles on it. The center bold is visible from top. May be I should break lose that bold before removing the strut assembly. What do you think?
  4. Spring from 98 model would not fit 95~97. Plus the the spring is different depending on the engine size/weight too.
  5. That would be great. It will require for you to remove the parts.... Would only want the driver side spring. If the strut assembly is in good shape, I would like to have the strut assembly. Let me know if you locate them. Thank you.
  6. Spring on the driver is is broken. I have examined the strut assembly and it does not seem too bad removing the assembly. Has anyone did the strut replacement on this car? I have 95 GL with 2.0 liter engine with automatic trans. If I can get a used strut assembly, I guess I can just replace the driver side only. But buying a 20 years old used strut is questionable. I would think the both side has to be replaced if I am getting a third party parts. Any recommendation input would be appreciated.
  7. It turned out that the reason why the fan is not running is because the fan is rust stuck. I think that happened as the fan for this car does not run often even though the car is running everyday. Meaning this car could run without a cooling fan or does not get too hot for cooling fan to run. If the car went through a winter without ever being in a traffic jam, I would think a rust could develop on the cooling fan. This is what I did to find this: connector is disconnected and wired directly to the connector using gator clips. Sure enough the fan would not run but after manually given a push start with a finger, the fan started to run sluggishly then kept on going. The fan is now working the way it should be. Now the question is if a new fan would be needed or can I just oil different places....
  8. I have a short somewhere and cooling fan is not running automatically. It would be nice to be able to fix this problem but I know it is not going to be. We took the car to a dealer and they would not do the work. As an alternate solution, I would like to install as manual switch to have the fan going. At least this way, car can live couple more years until my son finishes school. I've tested the fan. Although the fan is rusty, it is still functioning. I have made direct connection to the battery terminal directly and it was turning. Couple of issues in question as I am not a master mechanic are: - The best way to make connection? Perhaps from fuse box? - Is there a fuse needs to be installed? If so, where? - How do you pull the line into the interior to install a manual switch? I know it is very crude way of getting the work done but either that or putting the car to sleep. Any help would be appreciated.
  9. Here is an update.... My son, took the car to a local Ford dealer for the fix and they charge $100 diagnostic fee and did nothing to fix the problem. It appears that there is a electrical short due to brittle wire which is causing the COOLING FAN TO NOT RUN. Fan has not been running for a while as there are rust signs on the fan itself to show that. I guess the car could run without the cooling fan as long as you are not in traffic. They could not find exactly where the short is and since it is the general area where car body work has been worked on, they are not going to continue with the repair. As a result, my son paid $100 to the dealer and picked up the car. Dealer, however, suggested to install a manual switch to turn on/off the fan and use the car that way. I am not sure if that is the best solution nor the only solution. This sort of problem, I am sure is not an isolated problem as I know the wiring for this vehicle is a problem. If anyone has experience the same problem and found a genius solution, it would help me and may be other owner of this vehicle who is struggle to keep it alive. Thanks in advance for your reply.
  10. My son in Toledo, Ohio is having the problem and I think it is fan not getting turned on. I wish I was there to help him out but not the case. I am guessing, may be with problematic harness of this Contour may be the problem. If so, this will be a common problem for others. I am trying to see if anyone has experienced same problem. If a wire is stripped and is touching the body anywhere, may be fuse would be out. Any lead would be greatly appreciated in helping out my son, remotely. Thanks in advance.
  11. I did and they did not know how as the 1995 is NOT OBD-II. Based on my search on-line, I think lines needed to be shorted to count the CEL light blinking but cannot find that specific information. I have found the ports but not sure which lines needed to be shorted in order to see the CEL lights blinking. As far as I know the code are 3 digit each and there may be multiple codes. Any help would be appreciated.
  12. I have 95 and has CEL on. If anyone know how to read out the code, that would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  13. I just learned that my 95 Contour has what is called "Crankcase Breather Element" that looks like a block of sponge which I am not sure where the part is located or how often the part has to be replaced and so fort... I search on-line with no information on how to replace the part. Could anyone shed a light on the subject? Thanks in advance.
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