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  1. Thanks for all the replies. sorry for not responding sooner but i dont have internet so can only get on when around a computer somwheres. Squeeking: the tranny should work as they were both cable as Terry Haines said. The housing the cable mounts to has additional casting but the mounts themselves are the same. the pins are actually broke in the female end of the plug. around 5 are broke. I have a friend with a re-pin kit that may work, if not i think il run bypasses with weatherpack connectors and it should be fine. Spridget: i will check all the plugs and swap over any sensors/plugs to make
  2. Im thinking it might be a safer bet to just swap the fuel rails, injectors and LIM (not sure if LIM swap is necessary) on the 2000 engine to the 98 engine. in addition to swapping the wiring harness. then i could leave the PCM alone. Anybody got any insights for me on that? ... also found broken pins in the large square harness plug thats connected to the fuse box does anybody know if the plugs on the 2000 and the 98 are pinned the same? then i could just solder the 98 plug ends in although that is a scary job.
  3. Hello I apologize in advance if this is question is a duplicate of other threads but i looked and couldnt really find the answer im looking for. Ive removed a worn out engine and trans from a 2000 contour SVT with a returnless fuel system. I am planning on putting in a low mileage 2.5 and trans out of a wrecked 1998 contour SVT. unfortunatly i am not a contour guru and didnt realize the returnless/return difference till the motor was out. I am also putting the fuel tank/pump from the 98 into the 2000. so my question is if I put in the 98 engine, the 98 fuel tank/pump, the 98 engine harness an
  4. Welcome to the forums christopherJ :)

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