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  1. And the world will continue turning if I don't install this part?
  2. Is there supposed to be a compression spring between the little pistons? My rebuild kit didn't include one. The old part didn't contain one, but the last guy who worked on the brakes was seriously lacking, so I just don't know...
  3. '98 Contour SE with I4 Zetec, automatic. After I park facing downhill, I get an variable idle that cycles higher and lower, about 5 seconds per phase. Same thing while in motion, but it's most noticeable at idle. So I'm thinking gravity is pushing fuel through the fuel system, it ends up in the canister, and the faster/slower cycling is a purge process. Nevertheless the car didn't always do this, so something must not be working right for this to happen. So, what's broken to cause this?
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