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  1. That last one: Are you sure it's correct?


    The cam sensor code, 1383, may be causing the 0420, O2 problem.






    I'll have to check for sure when I get home in a few days. I feel like it was an ABS code maybe but I have no idea

  2. Hello all,

    I've had my car for like 2 weeks now. On the drive home that I got it from I drove 400 miles and the car just started to surge. Idk any better way to describe it. The car doesn't register as overheating but it only does this when its hot. The car did it Tuesday for a short period of time. Then today it was like 95 degrees outside and the car did the same thing on the way home. It won't rev high or even get past 30 mph. Idk where to start.

  3. There are two lines coming from under the TB and one of them just seems to have disappeared. Curious whether to just plug it as it idles rough unless I stick my finger over the nipple or if I need to get a new hose to run it to where it's meant to be ran? Thanks In Advance post-18677-0-59011800-1433190104_thumb.jpg

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  4. Yesterday I had a fun time driving it home. All I know is it's a 2.0 and a auto haha drove it 400 miles and it started surging. I'm assuming something got hot enough to do that because after it sat for 3 hours it ran fine again. But I had locked the keys in it so busted the front passenger window out! I don't know how to add pics but it's white and has some 15" konigs wheels from discount tire

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