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  1. Thanks for trying but that is not the setup my 95 has.
  2. Can you possubly post a link to the ebay search results? I searched what you suggested but couldn't find what you had found. Thanks
  3. Hello I have searched and have not found an answer to my question so here it goes. I have a 95 contour with the 2.5l. My license plate lights have not been working and I got pulled over for it. I fig it would be a simple bulb change but I was wrong. When I unscrewed them and got the out I seen it completly corroded and the wires broke off the fixture all together. I was able to rig it but will need something permanent sooner than later. I searched and can't seem to find any direct replacement for them or any info elsewhere on what others have done. Any help will be appricated. Thank you -Mike
  4. I have a 95 contour 2.5l auto with 155xxx orginal miles. The starter went out on me and I replaced it with a duralast from autozone. It was one of the harder starter replacements I have done but it went fairly well took about 2.5hrs total including the trip to the store. Now on the first drive after the replacement I got up to about 20mph and let off the gas coming up to the stop sign and it was like the pedal was sticking a little like a hanging idle I thought maybe the cable got pinched or something but it moves freely. When I take off from a stop even with hardly any throttle it won't shift until almost 4k rpm. When I'm driving and let off the gas it will almost hold at that rpm for quite some time then it'll finally drop off and start to slow down. Also when I'm driving and I let off the gas it will hold the idle until I hit the brakes and then it brings down the rpm and down shifts. Also when I'm at cruising speed no matter how hard I stomp the throttle it won't downshift unless I turn the od off then stomp the throttle then it will down shift and get going. I'm not exactly sure what's going on here it drove fine before the starter replacement so I'm not really sure what's going on with it. If anyone has any ideas please let me know thanks in advance
  5. Welcome to the forums Mikekx65 :)

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