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  1. I tried changing the plug wires on # 1 and 5 but no difference and checked the spark directly from the coil back on these two as well and still nothing. based on the diagram that squeeking provided shows that the green stripe orange wire and that one may have a slightly damaged wire insulation. Do you know how much voltage is supposed to be on each of the connectors? thoughts.....
  2. Anyone know what color Wire is coming in to the call pack on number one and number five cylinders
  3. It cranks over but will not start, does the contour have a reason why 4 of the 6 spark plug wires have spark and the two (1 and 5) do not? I have changed plugs, and checked compression but no spark from the coil pack on # 1 and # 5 Thanks
  4. My 1999 Ford Contour just died and after having it towed home I have determined the following: 1. Fuel Pressure is 50 psi 2. I get spark on all plug wires but # 1 and # 5. I replaced the coil pack with a original off another car and still no spark on # 1 and 5. I purchased a new coil pack and still no fire / spark on # 1 and 5. 3. Service engine light code is showing mis fire # 1. Car will not start, it acts like it when you first start it but then it just turns over and does not start up. Thoughts?
  5. Welcome to the forums jbjones :)

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