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  1. Hey !!!!! Thanks for looking..... So hard to answer a question like the one that was posed here... I did manage to jack up the car.. and nothing really seems loose... this car has little rust on it..... and sorta low mileage stilll I tried to wiggle the axles in the hub assembly..... they are tight ing One thing that I noticed is that the strut towers (mounts) moved a little when lowering the vehicle to the ground. So I took extra notice on that........ but,,,,, they tooo seem tight I then decided to move the passenger side wheel to the back of the car.... and bring the rear wheel forward.... Se;eems like the shimmy is absent........ THe tires are cheap made in china tires.... and are sorta at the end of their life..... I am going to go and get new tires............. keep ypu posted grannie
  2. Grannie

    ABS false pump actuation

    So in conclusion here...... The front sensors have been disconnected...... Yielding no more false actuation of the ABS pump...... This is much better the what previously existed..... Yes, No more ABS....
  3. Grannie

    ABS false pump actuation

    Yup! Tone rings..... both front axles , they do have one spot in them that is bad......... I am looking at disabling the system.
  4. Grannie

    ABS false pump actuation

    AND What about just disabling the ABS system completely?(NO more ABS) This system is archaic... piece of junk.... stoneage.....
  5. Hey, Well, sorry for the typo in the title..... and TITLES can not be edited.... TITLE : Possible causes for FRONT END Shimmy...... Pretty much rides rather smooth..... then at around seventy She shakes. not sure what side is shaking... want to say passenger side. 96 ford contour maybe has about 120k on it.... Thanks, Grannie
  6. Grannie

    ABS false pump actuation

    Hey Thanks! I will take a look at this today, finally. One other question... Is there any way to see/suspect which wheel to the the vehicle is tripping this off? I guess the problem is that this is a mechanical defect.... I will not be picked up by the OBDII scanner(Correct?) THanks, Grannie
  7. Grannie

    ABS false pump actuation

    Asking the forum if anyone has any thoughts on this thread would appreciate if someone could chime in... thanks, Grannie
  8. Grannie

    ABS false pump actuation

    Hello? Is there anybody here?
  9. Grannie

    ABS false pump actuation

    Hello, Here is the history ... Purchased car (no lite on) light came on,,,,,, say about a year later..... (there were no noticeable symptoms) then On one of my annual inspections... (where I have to get the check engine light out) I was using AN OBDII scanner..... THE SCANNER SAID " POSSIBLE OPEN CIRCUIT ON REAR PASSENGER SIDE WHeel SENSOR" (STILL::::::::: there where no noticeable symptoms) ReCENTLY:::::::::::::::::: Now there is a symptom....... AS the vechicle comes to a stop (pretty much under speeds of 20mph) there is a constant shutter in the brake pedal....(false ABS pump actuation) Possible causes:::: Maybe it is the wheel sensor that came up on the scan..... but it is possible that it is not......... I don't know for sure.As I have not investigated this.. but, my point being... these sensors are expensive..... I don't want to get into dumping money into sensors and racking up a big bill...... ALSO,,,, at the current time I am not able to repair vehicle due to the vehicle's location..... It is not near me that I can just go and work on the car.... Is there a way to DISABLE the ABS system completely (SO it doesn't do this false actuation as low speeds)?????????????? I understand that if disable is possible then no ABS system on any of the wheels Thanks, Grannie
  10. Well, I am just going to mention this. It may or may not be the case. Different makes of cars. BUT, I have seen where the wires break in the door, where they bend all the time,,,, at the door hinge.(Subaru) There was another case where the power doors would only work in the open position. If the door was closed, window would not go up or down.(Chrysler )
  11. Hello, Yeah, figuring there are problems with wiper motor... Do these generally fail? Symptoms::::: Began with ...... wouldn't turn off...... currently:::::::: runs slowly....... SOOOO where is it located.... I noticed something behind the driver side strut post but, it doesn't look like a wiper motor....???????? So please chime in........... get me out of this suspense..... AND they come as 5 terminal and 6 terminal......... 5 is in stock...... 6 is a special order item. WHY is there a 5 or a 6 terminall.... Thanks , Grannie
  12. Hello, So seems like a Brake Vacuum Booster issue. Unfortunately, I am getting the symptoms (second hand) I am not driving the car. Here is what I was told..... Symptom: when first using brakes are starting vehicle, the brakes are rock solid and you press them and they don't do anything. after that , then they seem to be ok. Besides the vacuum line to the booster, is there anything else? IE: A check valve. why would there be an issue the first time applying brakes. (taking too long to draw vacuum booster initially)????? Contours Are they notorious for failing brake vacuum boosters??? THanks, Grannie
  13. Grannie


    Mine Similiar situation.... If I let it heat up.... tooo........ 217 fahrenheit... THe fan will kick on............... I think that is still way to oooo hot.... should kick on sooner.... than that What is the consensus on temps it should kick on?
  14. Grannie

    Intermittent overheating problem

    Yeah, I have a problem with my heat too..... on the radiator... If you want the fan to run all the time.... not that this is a good idea... but, disconnecting the coolant temp sensor... will make it run all the time... but, it probably messes up O2 sensor input.... due to not know engine temps... I did see a mod on here where someone jumped a wire and had fan run continuously.... I myself will look into the ECU connection.... needs a BUMP........
  15. Grannie

    Radiator Fan turn on temp

    Aye, What temp does the Rad fan kick on..... Mine ,,,, I got an OBD II dongle and the andriod Torque APP and it says mine is kicking on around 217 degrees Fahrenheit about 102C.... I seen mine run different than this once.... So, I don't know what to think...... I think it is too too hot .... the fan should kick on much earlier..... Let me know what you think THanks, Grannie

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