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  1. Thanks I was just wondering if my radiator was potentially clogged..even a little. Has no overheat symptoms just didn't know if those live temps were within range. I know some cars run way hotter than that
  2. Bob Kelley


    I know the longer 22" blade goes on passenger side...but.....which side has the longer arm?
  3. Hi...Thanks Yes heater is hot. Fans come on. Its very hot here now....over 90.... I can't say I use the car a lot. I bought the car from a co-worker sight unseen for $300 in 2011. Didn't know what make or model it was and didn't care for that price. When she handed me the keys, manuals etc and told me where it was in parking lot I was surprised it had 56,000 original miles. Just turned 75,000 today. I've rebuilt cars since I was young. I put a corvette 327 in a Vega before they made kits. Made all my own brackets, z-bars etc etc. Had lots of cars I wish I still had. Have rebuilt a long lis
  4. Name: Mercury Mystique (aka Mistake) (2015) Date Added: 17 August 2015 - 10:37 PM Owner: Bob Kelley Short Description: 1998 Mercury Mystique LS 2.5 Duratec View Vehicle
  5. Had the typical water pump failure. Replaced with a pump with a cast iron impeller and a new 180 degree thermostat. Burped the system. Car runs great (aside from my P1744 which is another story) with the dash temperature gauge steady on the A in NORMAL. Hooked up my Uscan Bluetooth OBDII and in live data you can see the thermostat open at 180 with temperature drop and then after driving it reaches 203 to 207 depending on traffic...with dash gauge at A Would you consider this normal? I know some cars run over 220 but this seems warm to me. Doesn't seem like any air in system and I didn't
  6. Thank Terry. I doubt the person I got the car from, or their mechanic, maintained the originality of the battery and probably installed whatever was on sale, which I then followed when I replaced it. What about the harness that runs under the battery to the Power Distribution center its this a part I will find? or do I have to take out a perform surgery on to fix the corroded wires? Thanks for your help!!
  7. 1998 - Mystique 2.5 LS 74,520 miles.......While I replaced the battery in the car the cables in this car are the craziest I have ever seen. Both the positive and negative have metal plates that sit on the top rear/side corners on the battery. To the positive are extra wires attached (two plus a small one with jack) Can this be cleaned up? They no longer fit in the new battery installed Also under the battery is a wire harness going to the power distribution block which battery acid has corroded is this easy to change? Thanks Bob
  8. Welcome to the forums Bob Kelley :)

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