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  1. i have looked many times and have never found one. been also looking for jack point covers
  2. HEY BRO, you looking to sell? if so whats the ticket? and whats your contact info. you can text me if you like 713-304-2388 Alex.
  3. Does anyone know where I can still get a carbon fiber cowl hood and trunk? PLEASE!
  4. does anyone here no where to get CF hoods and trunks for the contour svt?
  5. dang, thats 100 more than i paid for my stage 3 clutch. yikes! i am positive that it could be shipped for less too, but probably would have to go to the post office. if i wanted one how long does it take to make?
  6. How to do get your front bumper like that at the bottom? is that some type of add on lip or something? i like it and i need it! lol
  7. its not cheap . but to me it was worth it. the redid the exsisting one by replacing each wire.
  8. I'm in the Houston Tx area. how about you.
  9. Hello, My 1998 CSVT idles high. when i bought it it did not run. I redid the wiring harness, and removed the main cat and it runs well now but has a high idle, and also revs to a higher than normal rpm when im driving. please help!!!!
  10. It may be. I need to do a smoke test and see where the leak is if there is one. I wish i was a mechanic. but other than the high idle it runs like a beast!!! Not bad for a car that has been driving in 3 years.
  11. Its a great car and I always wanted one but never got it! But i do now and its kick ass! Worth the work and money. Its running good but my idle is running high. Any thoughts on that? It also revs up without me giving it throttle. I replaced the intake air control valve thinking that was the problem due to the code it gave but it still idles high?!?!
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