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  1. wallE

    PNW Contour Spring Meet 2017

    Satya, can you post an address again just in case someone wants to get accommodations nearby?
  2. wallE

    wallE CSVT x 4

    I currently own 4 Contour SVT's. 1- 98 Black with partial Midnight Blue interior Build # 4563 of 6535 1- 99 Black with Midnight Blue interior Build # 2656 0f 2760 1- 99 Black with Prarie Tan interior Build # 2659 of 2760 1-99 Black with Midnight Blue Interior Build # 2103 of 2760
  3. wallE

    August 20th Meet in the Portland Area

    Sorry guys, the people in the black helicopters (Midnight Blue Interior) made me do it, He wasn't supposed to see these!!! Especially Marks car in Black and T red!!! https://drive.google.com/open?id=0BwPAMMft-rVwWU9kMVJFcERoV1U https://drive.google.com/open?id=0BwPAMMft-rVwdHRfSlhyX0tld28 https://drive.google.com/open?id=0BwPAMMft-rVwOTFNbV9Zbm5wMG8
  4. wallE

    August 20th Meet in the Portland Area

    Here are two images of the repaired rad support. Note I did not replace it, I pulled it out and reshaped it then filled and painted it( very little filler)
  5. wallE

    August 20th Meet in the Portland Area

    I started to work on the plastic repair two years ago, I got the right type of plastic filler rod but didn't have the right heat source. initial tests seem to have worked fine Now I have two types of heat guns for plastic welding and believe I can do a good repair
  6. wallE

    August 20th Meet in the Portland Area

    His looks like the damage that I have on my Black/ MNB CSVT I have got a new grill, hood and headlights, straightened out the rad support, Right now I am doing secondary damage on the rear quarters and I will be plastic welding the bumper tears I did have pictures of the repairs so far but can't find them at the moment. Not including labor so far it has only cost me about $300.00 for parts It will probably be another $1000.00 by the time it is painted Then I have to have a goverment inspection on the repairs
  7. wallE

    Taking a drive to Surrey, BC tomorrow...

    well there you go!
  8. wallE

    Taking a drive to Surrey, BC tomorrow...

    I guess I missed this one, I live in Surrey BC! I wished you contacted me then! WallE
  9. wallE

    August 20th Meet in the Portland Area

    18 WallE (Walter Pate)
  10. Thanks Satya and everyone else for the GR8 day at the museum. It was nice getting to meet other Contour (ok and mystique) enthusiests. A meetup like this is something I wanted to do since 2007 when I bought my first SVT WallE from BC
  11. What about the casino in Fife? do they have a Restaurant?
  12. wallE

    Jag X type rear end

    have you looked into the Jaguar F type (almost looks like a Mercury Messanger) http://www.jaguar.ca/en/all-models/f-type/pricing-specs/index.html
  13. add WallE from Surrey BC 1. PNWContour 2. Ivan 3. Jeff Allen 4. Darrius 5. FMonkey 6. Bugzuki ( maybe) 7. Pedro 8. Nathan 9. MotoCam 10. AussieFord 11. MondeoMan 12. Shotwell 13. svtlover 14. Ca SVT Driver 15. WallE
  14. wallE


    I would love to bring them all but I don't have a tow hitch on the car ;<) (I did at one time though) I can take them along in JPG form though!!! Only one is running right now, starting body work on number 2. If I can swing it I will try to respray the hood and trunk of the one I will take down. I had the whole car done in 2006 but the Cottenwood trees dropped ugly things on it which baked into the new finish B4 I realized it

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