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  1. Well, I'm still on the hunt for a harness. Does anyone know if a harness from a 94 or 98 or 99 will fit the 96 Contour?
  2. According to the recall notice I found when dealing with my 96, the problem ended with the 97's. Owner notification number 99M03. You should also check cars.com for any recall notices on that particular car.
  3. Thanks for the advice - have ordered the manual from Ebay - just waiting for it to come in.
  4. Thanks - we tried a Bone yard which resulted in a good 8 hours over two days pulling a wiring harness only to discover it was not quite the right one - but we had fun. Not too thrilled at the prospect of doing the repair on the harness, but guess that's next. Pieloux, does the manual tell me how much wiring we will actually need? Or can give me some advice?
  5. I bought a 96 Ford Contour from a used car dealer a month ago. It has been in the shop every since for various issues. The most current problem is that the engine wiring harness is cracking and in a lot of spots there is bare wire. I found the Ford Owner Notice regarding 95-97 Contour's and Mercury Mystique's insulation being faulty. Of course, they no longer cover the repair or make the part. My question is, does anyone happen to have or know where I can get a replacement harness?
  6. Welcome to the forums 96Contour66 :)

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