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  1. Hey guys, sorry I haven't been on in while. Thank you for the quick responses though! The Contour has been parked and I have been focusing on my old T bird for the last while. Anyways back to it, yes the car was level when I bled the clutch and I haven't seen any signs of leaks. The reservoir has been full the whole time this has been going on so I don't believe I am loosing any fluid.
  2. There is no leaking, pumping it doesn't raelly help anymore, nothing gradually re engages - it either goes in or doesn't, and the pedal feels normal. No clutch work has been done and it has 99 miles on it.
  3. Major shifting problems, Slave cylinder? Basically shifting into every gear is very rough and has the potential to grind quite easily or will not go into the gear at all. When in neutral and the car is running most times it will not go into any gear at all, turning the car off will allow me to go into gear (still not very nicely even with engine off). I can feel the clutch grab a little bit sometimes when started in gear and will creep at red lights sometimes. So far I have changed the trans fluid, fixed the classic broken/missing shift linkage bushing, and bled the clutch. Is there an
  4. Welcome to the forums SVT SB :)

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