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  1. No, still have the 3L cams in it. I do have a set of SVT cams. I have been doing some reading on which ones are better and it feels like there are mixed thoughts of which ones to use.
  2. So I finally got to dyno my Port matched 3L a couple weeks ago. The 3L is untuned and will be planning on getting it tuned. Here is my setups for my 3L and 2.5L from the same car 3L has replaced the 2.5L. My 3L has MSDS headers, Sho shop y-pipe, 2.5in Magnaflow cat back and Intake. 3L max torque @ 175.5 and max power @194.8 My 2.5L had MSDS headers, 2.5in Magnaflow cat back and Intake. 2.5L max torque @ 146.3 and max power @176.5
  3. Welcome to the forums Chris Winslow :)

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