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  1. Hi Guys- I finally removed the battery positive side harness from battery to fuse dizzy box, and yes it was a PITA. But it is ouT! The insulation is completely 100% flaked off, such a shame.. When i started to take it apart it got worse, the wires are down to bare metal at this point. I was thinking about heat shrinking wrapping the original wires, then applying liquid electrical tape, then maybe taping it up and slapping on some new loom. But to do this, I need to cut off the original metal plate that holds the 4 wires in place and connects to positive battery terminal. Has anyone done thi
  2. Thanks a million, Dom. Appreciate it.. I will attempt it now with this great 411... Anthony
  3. Hi All- I have a 98 MERC mystique w zetec and also have the dreaded battery harness issue via insulation flaking off... =( It seems only the battery harness wires that go under the battery to box are bad and need to be changed or somehow insulated. How does one remove the dizzy box to remove these wires? If anyone can help, I would greatly appreciate it in advance!!! Thanks Anthony
  4. would you change the front & rear STRUT MOUNTS? Or just the front bearings, only?? Thanks Anthony
  5. What are "bellows"?!?!? Thanks for the great website, appreciate it!!!!! =) Thanks Anthony
  6. Greetings guys- Just got a 98 Mercury Mystique w a zetec. Need some opinions --> I am looking to redo the suspension, Whats the best Spring & Struts combination for 98 Mercury Mystique?!?!??! And what else will i need/necessary to complete the install, regarding parts i.e. Thanks Anthony
  7. Whereabout is the IAC sensor located on the 2.0L zetec engine? And can you remove and clean it, put new gasket and slap it back on?? Thanks Anthony
  8. Hi everyone!!! New guy here =) I have 2 questions.... Need some Zetec 411!!!! , just inherited a 98 MERC mystique w 2.0 zetec, great car. I was wondering, I wanted to add a short air intake, and unclog the engine compartment. I need to relocate the IAT sensor, What is the best spot for this? I also want to add a mechanical FP gauge onto the fuel rail in the engine compartment, what is the size fitting that would go into the fuel rail when removing the shraeder valve?? Many Thanks Anthony
  9. Welcome to the forums tonyankyfan1 :)

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