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  1. Ive posted this in " under the hood" also, so excuse my redundancy, but before i go to diagnose my son's car ( 1st car no less) 150 miles away, Im looking to see if its something common I can walk him through before i drive all over Texas ! Issue is just as stated, idles rough, brakes firm, and Im going to have him look at vacuum lines and or the diaphragm, unless theres a known part i can target instead..thanks Terry, ahead of time. Marc
  2. My son's contour is a 150 mile drive from me, its his first car and hes not quite fluent yet, but I'm thinking something in between the booster and the manifold is a bit leaky..Im going to have him skype us both through the usual diagnosis, removing the line at the manifold, plugging the port, looking for gremlins, etc, but in the meantime, does anyone know anything common to the 1999, Zetec 2.0 where Id get a rough idle and firm pedal simultaneously ?
  3. I just replaced my collets with salvage ones since the adjuster locking tabs broke on me while repairing/fabbing bushings..thanks for the write up. My shifter-holder person was unavailable, and ill add that I was able to reach behind the brake booster on my 2.0, and withing two tries moving the adjuster slightly from driver to passenger side, (r to L) got what i needed on the neutral lever..the white collet needed almost nothing...car on ground.
  4. I will add too, that I made some brass bushings from some stock that I had, for the upper and lower collet.. much better than before, but I can see where the squared cable ends arent perpendicular to the shift lever on the trans..as though maybe age and them making a corner are causing a slight turn, and uneven pressure on the clips on the collets..maybe thats why they pop off, when the bushing degrades ?
  5. Oops..Sorry Terry for butchering your name ! itchy "enter" finger..I gotta give up coffee..haha
  6. thank you teryy..I figured as much..seems like its going to be a bit of back and forth anyway.My son's car was made in may of 99 but it appears i still have the older end, so now its not pouring rain, Im going to go look at some salvage cars i pull from..maybe get lucky the cable ends have been replaced already. i have to get it on the road for him to go to school out of town..the collets seem hit or miss in availability, yes ?
  7. The title says it all..I have a 99, looking at new cables, but if theres an advantage to doing rod out of a salvage Contour, Ill pull one this weekend..or maybe in 6 hours..lol.
  8. Built in right hand steer ! i love it ! Howd the rest of your dash install go ?
  9. Im looking at other makes too..there has to be something close..Im redoing the package tray soon, so the holes can come and go just fine. Ill figure it out and jump up and down and report back.
  10. i had to take it out..it looked like the Red October every time i hit the brakes...no one has a solution beyond the obvious ?
  11. Maybe look at the treadwear rating too if your keeping them long enough to age before wear, the softer tire might not be as hard over time..beyond that,I'm running Michelin on everything I own..I have some Super Sports on one of my non-Ford cars and they're the stickiest, most round and smooth high speed tire I've ever had. they (Michelin) sold me on their stuff after trying two other sets on one car that rated well, but fell on their face...transformed the car completely and worth the extra fee and maybe its just me, but zero defects from them so far..ill separate some tread now I'm sure..lol
  12. i'm having a hard time finding a non-sun baked and brittle trim piece , does anyone know if any other Fords shared this piece ? Mine was broken, just sitting, held in place by gravity and carpet fuzzies, and all the salvage ones I've found are no bueno either.
  13. Im holding out for springs/struts almost new or slightly used meeting the right time/cashflow moment..the dash wasn't that hard..it helped to do them in consecutive days to keep it fresh in my mind and get all the extra screws and a couple brittle parts i broke removing the original. the older dash had more metal in it too, fyi..the 99 was really fragile once it was out..i was able to break it easily in several pieces to fit in the trash can..there was one tab that i had to trim around on the knee panel, and another that went to air, near the right knee, and some heat put to the far right duct, to fit, but its in, and solid.
  14. can we literally move it or just start a new topic ? Excuse my ignorance..Im a forum noob really.
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