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  1. I'm in Minot North Dakota. Thanks for the input. Not sure why people don't start with the simplest possibilities first but thank goodness I did. Update on the parking break. I just took out the console completely. Started poking around and found the cable attaching the the lever had popped out of its designated spot. Using a flat head screwdriver I maneuvered it back in. Then tested the parking brake. It worked. Nothing seems to hold it in the groove, it just kinda sits in there. Seems iffy to me. Definitely won't trust it too much but for now it's working. Next step is the alte
  2. I have a 1999 contour SVT. The parking brake does not engage at all. The lever comes all the way up the great ease. I'm looking for the simplest attempt first. As I don't really like taking things apart because I tend to break nails, although I do work on my own car. Anyways, I loosened the casing console and lifted it to get a better look. I'm just not sure wear the little adjuster would be. No laughing at me please. I'm learning. During my exploration I could see the cable coming off of the lever going under the car. It is attached. When I put pressure on it I can hear it engaging the
  3. Welcome to the forums bigbadmommy1 :)

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