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  1. Ok thank you for all your advice Terry!
  2. Thanks Terry, I placed my order last night for the synchomax already. Will that be ok to use?
  3. Thank you for your reply Terry. That settles my nerves a bit, knocking noises from the engine compartment make me nervous! Ive read about the trans fluid on this site & I am planning to use royal purple synchomax in my transmission. Will that help quiet that noise down any?
  4. hello all, I just purchased a 2000 ford contour sport v6 5speed. It runs & drives great & only has 96,000 miles. I have noticed a chatter or knock sound, seems to be from the bellhousing. When I step on the clutch the sound stops leading me to believe its the clutch making noise? It doesn't sound like its in the engine & it doesn't seem to change as the idle speed increases. I only notice it at idle especially after a drive. Is this a common thing with these cars? Thanks all
  5. Welcome to the forums contoursport2000 :)

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