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  1. Thank you for your reply. From the info you sent I was able to identify the power/ground wires also the 8 speaker wires. However, the color codes you sent on the speaker wires are different from the ones on my car. I notice that you have a 2.0 four cylinder engine. I have a 2.5 six cylinder. It is possible that the wiring is different (although I can't imagine why). Would you have access to a 2.5 wiring diagram? The colors on the 2.0 are logical; all the positive wires have white as the main color and all the negatives have brown. However, my 2.5 speaker color codes seem to be random ( b
  2. I own a 1995 v6 SE and my audio cassette player finally died. I bought a CD player to replace it but the wire color codes on the CD player do not match the Ford colors. In addition, the CD player has 12 wires and the Contour has 16, 9 in a shielded harness and 7 to another harness, so two connectors. I may have an amplifier ( I haven't checked) which may account for the extra wires. Does anyone have any idea or a wiring diagram showing which wire goes where (i.e. xx color to right rear speaker)? I couldn't get Ford to respond to my letter (yes, snail mail since their website didn't appea
  3. Welcome to the forums mbniner :)

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