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  1. hi Terry ye 5 speed mtx75. I removed the torx bolts that mount the master cylinder, behind the clutch pedal this morning, going to bin them and replace with hex. Just need to know how to do the hose connections now? if anyone has any tips that would be great!
  2. hi thanks for your reply. i think mondeos after 1994 are hydrolic clutch if that is what you mean? anyway, so ive removed the alternator and it has freed up considerable space for me to see down there. i find looking in from the drivers wheelarch gives a good view too. so i can see the clutch master cylinder in the passenger footwell, behind the clutch pedal, and the torx mounting bolts look fine to access- great news. however, trying to locate the hoses that come out into the engine bay is another story. i have been looking for half hour and cant quite make them out even, never mind attemting to undo clips on them! any tips appreciated! can i unmount the master cylinder inside, pull it into the footwell and get at the hoses that way???
  3. hello everyone on here, im from wales but have lurked here for many years! so this is my first post..(i have an st200 and have had v6 mondeos for 12 years....) I cannot select gears when car running. but i can select gears when car is switched off. i got the car home by selecting 2nd and then starting her and so i drove it home in 2nd, all the way! the clutch pedal feels different now, slightly less resistance, but it still returns when i push it in. the brakes are fine and the reservoir is full. any help appreciated. Thanks! ps - pic is of my car about 8 years ago, is alot nicer now...
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