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  1. I was fairly certain it wasn't the heater core just because there weren't any signs of heater core issue other than no heat. I also noticed yesterday that when the car wasn't moving the air would get hotter. Today removed actuator, it was still moving but, I guess just not moving enough or connection is loose. Will try to fix cause $119 is just too much. Especially when I can adjust blend door by hand... anywhere to get one cheaper? Unrelated but noticed the other day, when the revs hit 3750 rpm it feels like momentary loss of power then gain in power. When engine is warm the loss doesn't seem to be there just the increase. Since I noticed this I try to keep revs under 3500. Were the camshafts designed like this or is something wrong?
  2. I'm just looking to narrow it down. Funds very minimal, and I have no idea what I'm doing. Is there way to manually open/close blend door so at least heat is on? 45min drive to work... it's cold...
  3. So heat isn't working. Blower works, can hear noise coming from actuator(?) when temp gauge adjusted, and car not overheating. Temp does change from cold to slightly less cold. Is it blend door?
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