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  1. Looks like there should be a separate fuse for each lamp in the BJB (battery Junction box) on my 98 contour 2.0 they are numbers 17 and 18. both 10 amp fuses (red)
  2. Just wanted to do an Intro, I like forums in general, and probably have at least 2 go-to forums for everything I do, from car/motorcycle mechanics to PC game modding. The problem is, I never contribute to these awesome sources of information. I have a lot to offer and need to change that. As far as the ford contour goes, I've had mine for over 15 years. My dad drove me to junior high in it, I learned to drive with it, and it doesn't show signs of quitting anytime soon. It's a manual 98 contour 2.0 GL with just under 200k miles. I'm a mechanic by hobby and trade. Although motorcycle
  3. After A week of electrical troubleshooting I finally found my problem . . . loose ground

  4. Welcome to the forums joesworldelite :)

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