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  1. Just did some looking on fordparts.com, while they do not specifically carry the differential for the contour, they do still carry the differential for the new cougar, (which is the same platform as the Contour/Mystique if i'm not mistaken) and the part number is the same for both, so it looks like i can order the differential from an MTX-75 focus, or more likely a new cougar and have that installed. If anyone can think of a reason this is not workable, i would certainly appreciate the input so that I do not waste my money.
  2. I have a 2000 Contour SVT with the MTX75 transmission, and as seems to be common, the differential has gone bad. My question is, can a differential from a newer MTX75 (say from a focus) be installed into this vehicle, or would a replacement have to come from another contour MTX75? I don't have the money for an after-market LSD, but i can get a stock differential for a focus direct from ford for less than $300. Is this a feasible replacement, or should I look elsewhere? My biggest concern right now is getting this car back on the road, and no I do not plan on attempting this repair myself, I'm handy, but no that handy. Thank you in advance.
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