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  1. I see. I noticed a smell today and sure enough it's power steering fluid.
  2. There seems to be a small amount of oil leaking down the upper/left side of the engine. It comes out from behind the upper most pulley and trails down. I see nothing above the pulley. What do? '98 Contour SVT
  3. Oh well that's good to know! Thanks Terry! The 98.5's have the twin blocker then? And the abrasive slurry method polishing was done post this model correct?
  4. The trunk on my Contour will not close. The latch doesn't do its job and so the trunk can just be lifted open at any time. Anyone familiar with a quick fix for this? Thanks.
  5. I've asked this a few places with no real answer as to whether or not it's true. According to http://everything.explained.today/Ford_Contour/ The engine has had abrasive flow machining which adds 5 horsepower and the tranny has had revised syncros to address an issue in the 98s. The site lists early and late 98s separately as you can see. I'm just wondering if this is accurate information and mainly if there is any significant difference in reliability and longevity to engine and tranny due to this if it is true. Thanks.
  6. Welcome to the forums KgKinerd :)

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