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  1. well so far so good ,I replaced the pcv and cleaned out the metal line that attaches to it ,like always the hoses to the intake rotted of course and appeared to be sucking some air through the 3/8 hose that attaches to the metal line and the reducer elbow was almost closed up ,the car has got its power back but not sure whether the leak is fixed , I still have to clean the motor only time will tell , I did find a motor for $500 with 67k on it but the way my luck runs I would drop another motor in it and then the tranny will die , cant win for losing ! thanks to everyone for the help ! Adam
  2. jefo did your car have those type of symptoms like mine has before you found out , I know this is first time I have ever seen on a 4 cyl ,on 302's the motor starts filling real shaky and weak and pushes oil out on the bottom end , the hose under the intake fills real squishy and the elbow on the side behind the distributor is closing up when the motor is running I'm pretty sure this is my problem , thanks for the input ! Adam
  3. my motor is the 2.0 vct I have been running 10w-30 in it for the past 15 years , its been dogged on maybe 4 timesI since it was new, after looking around the motor, I think I may have an issue with pcv system
  4. 2000 mercury mystique has developed a oil that is so slow I can't find it ,after cleaning the motor up and watching it run I can't see oil coming from anywhere , cam seals and timiing belt are dry I just replaced the valve cover gasket and oil pressure switch 3 weeks ago , most of the oil seems to collect on the alternator and cv axle boot , I drove the car several days to work after I cleaned the engine up and suddenly after about 2 weeks the oil is back on the alternater , belt and lower frame and my gas mileage has gotten bad also and it seems like its losing power , engine light is not on , motor seems to be running fine other than the power loss I mentioned, no surging or anything , the car has a 170k on it I changed the timing belt at 100k, it could be the crank seal , but I just have feeling thats not were the oil is coming from, I think its only leaking while being drove or under pressure , any suggestions ?
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