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  1. Well, New coolant hoses, both top and bottom, new radiator, new water pump, new thermostat (*2).
  2. This thing is driving me nuts. Replaced the head(long story), new gaskets, filled coolant bottle, ran car(I actually followed the instructions in the factory service manual. Didn't work. In fact, when I drove it, the engine overheated(temp gage didn't show overheating) and it seized. Got it unseized, bled the system by opening the coolant line below the coil pack, the one that comes from the heater, and that finally did it. This was last year. Fast forward to now, it's using coolant, and I suspect the head is warped from overheating. But, it won't pull coolant from the bottle, it will just emp
  3. Welcome to the forums HarryS :)

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