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  1. Just don't have time or money let me know if you need something. I am having to get rid of her but she is straight body black w/ mid-blue interior shot me a text or call me thanks pick up only till I figure out how to set up pay pal. Have a lot of the parts that are sought after already pulled 2536511026 in Puyallup
  2. I pull pass side wheel and axle an about to pull the driver the pass side had a nut/bolt on subframe that got my cv rubber an put a hole making it leak the grease out I haven't seen anything really spicfic on the site about the video of a pull or professional swap vids but also trying to avoid damaging the other side by doing the same thing I will post pics in a bit I worked 14h today
  3. I have never done a engine pull/swap but I know I will be fine.. I wanted to know if it would worth it to machine the engine to keep it an svt.. The other day I pulled off the intake under it I found the openings where clogged with build up of burnt something?oil maybe??
  4. I have been studing the options I have an I think going the 3 litre route from LKQ is the way I am going.. I have to buy the motor and get parts (clutch, gaskets) as I get the money an build the motor in the garage as I pull the motor.. I want to do the least amount of stuff to get it back on the road right now.. It looks like leaving the 3l motor alone and doing only the mods I have to sounds like the least amount... The list you made above is what I will need for the 3l.. My friend is willing to loan me 5 or 600 for what I will need after I buy the motor so it shouldn't ta ke long to get what I will need for the swap..
  5. Would it be best (cost) to do the hybrid an if it's more than a 1000 what do you think it will run me an what would I need to buy for the swap if I already have a svt? Can I start tare down of the old svt or should I wait for the motor?
  6. That's something I will check out yea.. I had two bad a$$ CSVT pull up in my driveway today very awsome people from the forum shout out to the guy from Everett came out to see what I had and was working with pm me I will send pics.. It was like a mini car meet at my house really exited to do the build the info is greatly aprecieated svt demon what's your name
  7. Thanks that helped me a lot still few questions where would I buy that engine and yes it's a SVT from the factory so lots of svt on the car parts.. Cams are good still than I had someone try to say that you can't use them.. That info was for the 3l than I will have 900 saved in like a couple weeks I am so stooked about this build never have done a engine swap but my bro has done Hondas and jeeps so us together will figure it out just wosh I knew someone I into them as much as me closer to my house so we could walk thru stuff that I have a hard time with. I am a finish carpenter so I am used to detail an challenges so I am ready to tackle this mission.. Thx keep in touch
  8. I am new an live in Tacoma WA I have a contour svt in need of a engine anyone can help greatly appreciated will be meeting as soon as she is done..
  9. I wanted to know if anyone has or knows where to buy a engine (preferably a 3.0L) or if it would be a better idea to rebuild..At this time I don't have a car that runs so I wanted to start this project soon.. I just got my 98 contour svt back about 2 weeks ago from someone that I trusted to hold on to it before I went to prison for stupid things I was into as a young adult.. He signed it into his name before I got out so I couldn't get it back thru talking an making things right over five years later an 40000 new miles he offered to sell it back for $700. Truthfully I was in the wrong as much as he was by taking it from me but I have it back finally.. But when I got it home the next day I realized it needs work. It has a rod knock an needs a new engine I really love this car being "stolen" from me than sold back It definitely made it's spot in my heart like a first girlfriend or high school sweetheart.. If anyone has resources or knows of a hole in the wall with contour engines or any info on rebuilds or engines it would be greatly appreciated.. From Wa state name is Rob an have a blacked out ford contour SVT 1998.. New to this site also
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