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  1. Land Rover Defender. I lived in the UK for 3 years and these were the most fun RHD vehicles I was around, by far. Being military, there were plenty of Skylines, BMWs and other toys around but the Defender owns my respect. While I was there, I sampled the local driving experience by owning a few cars and a bike. '99 Citroen Saxo, '01 Rover 600, and a '97 BMW 328i. I'll never own a French car again. Rover went to hell when they started selling Hondas and after that starter experience with the Bimmer, my driveway will always have a roundel.
  2. Name: Ford Focus (2003) Date Added: 25 May 2007 - 03:07 PM Owner: 96_concept_GL Short Description: ZX3 SVT with all the SVT goodies. I finally got to join the ranks of SVT owners... View Vehicle
  3. You're kidding me?!?! I missed it? Pics look great guys, glad to see some familiar faces in the lineup. Cars are looking great! I have so go to log in more often.
  4. I see 1 red one in my neighborhood now and then. Sadly, I once saw 2 different black FSVTs on my way to Columbus as I'm driving my black FSVT... I felt so common (but at least mine has the HIDs, those did not).
  5. I put one on my 96 tour gl. It was pretty straight forward. Everything's pretty easy to access once you get the tape wrap cut off. Make sure to use the brake defeat switch and the lights are helpful so you know it started. I did neither on mine which made it entertaining cause you could drive the car for 10 minutes without a key but also would have killed my insurance if it were stolen like that.
  6. Run a search and look through the forums here. You'll find LOTS. The sources haven't changed much in the past 3 years and neither have the choices but these things can definately be modded up.
  7. Good to hear it man. I had a buddy over there for a little over a year. He was in Kuwait as a communications tech and he had a blast aside from wanting to come home. Hang in there and when you get home we'll have to have a nice big welcome home meet for ya.
  8. Really, it's hard to tell someone what tire to buy. As far as "performance" tires go I've run Kumho, Falken, Yokohama, and I think even the cheap old Nankangs. To be honest the only tire that's made me happy have been my falken ziex. Softer ride than most, quieter than most, and still grips without wearing down in a month. Granted the yokos on my fsvt offer all the above but soft ride... However Kumhos, just like any other brand you get what you pay for. Both sets of them I had wore down quick and really didn't give me what I wanted.
  9. It sputters and the batt light comes on while it's doing it. I've had it die once when this happened. Usually, no problems, just every few days or so it does it.
  10. So, the FSVT has developed this weird problem at 60k. When I have been accelerating and let off, clutch, and coast I get a stahling or sputtering. I had the batt and alt checked and they're fine. No CEL. The serp belt doesn't look bad but it's time to change it anyway... Any thoughts?
  11. Here's the toughy.... Can they do it if you only have 1 key or do they need 2? That was the problem I had with my fsvt, the dealer only gave me 1 key (and no fobs ). So I had to bend over and take the ford key cutting.
  12. It's people like you that make me miss my tour. Nice car and welcome to FCO.
  13. I'm all in, the in-laws have a camper at port clinton. Just FYI, if put-in-bay happens, the wife WILL be there lol.
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