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  1. Napa also carries the Metal impelar pump. Mat
  2. I just wanted to share and brag a little that I have a new member in our family. Thursday night at 11:03 Our daughter and first child entered the world. Emmalyn Nicole was 6lbs 14oz and 19 1/2" long and a full head of hair. I will have a picture to show soon. A very happy and proud dad, Mat
  3. This past fall I put a true bendz cat back On my SVT. I went with the borla muffler and 2.5" pipe, it sounds good. It was around 400.00, fairly cheap compared to the other systems. Mat
  4. Hope everyone has a Merry Christmas and a happy New Year, and remember to stay safe. Mat
  5. Resistor on thr gray wire?, Right? Mat
  6. Ive got a set of home made mils and dont remember witch wires on the o2s i need to splice into, any help?
  7. I've had the SVT for 4 years and only put 15000 miles on it. Mat
  8. QUOTE(Terry Haines @ Nov 6 2004, 02:33 PM) class='quotemain'>...nope...keeping the revs up does not help the syncros at all...it wears them quicker... <{POST_SNAPBACK}> So is there a fix for this?
  9. QUOTE(Terry Haines @ Nov 5 2004, 07:15 AM) class='quotemain'>...mostly on upshifts,when you take your foot off the gas to change gear the revs stay high or only drop a small amount....'throttle hang'... <{POST_SNAPBACK}> /> OK,sounds like what I have going on what are the steps I need to take to fix it?
  10. I've read about this some where and done remember where. How do you diagnose this problem? I could be driving along and put the car in neutral and the rpms will come down to about 1100-1200 and sit for a second and then fall to 650-700. I've never noticed this before, should I be worried? Mat
  11. I had a friend go by there sence he lives closer and no one was home. I thought you guys had some deal worksd out? Did he back out of that now? Mat
  12. I found the peice I was taliking about, its called the "mount panel" and it only costs $100.00. Its #3 Mat
  13. Come to think of it I also need that piece of fiberglass (or that's what it looked to be made of after it was broken into little pieces) that goes between the grill and the radiator. It has all the mounting points for the headlights and grill. Does anyone know what's this is called and where to find one? Mat
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