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  1. Happy to report that replacing the old IAC with the new IAC from Ford solved all issues including the throttle hang. Thanks for the help
  2. It's pretty tough to diagnose just the IAC because I see the CPU logic attempting to set the IAC, but either way I will replace it tommorrow with a Motorcraft unit, along with the PCV valve and MAF (cleaning MAF). Hopefully this will at least solve the stalling at idle
  3. Known issue with the vehicle I've been dealing with since I've owned it: Most all of the time when coming to a stop, the idle will dip below 500 and come back up, or stall out. Happens most with vehicle is warmed up. Running the A/C always rectifies the issue. The vehicle starts when stalled every time. I suspect IAC but I am hesitant to throw parts at issues. There is no suspect vacuum leak as I've already sprayed around and found nothing. Also, there is pretty nasty throttle hang when upshifting, as if the revs don't want to drop down. How often do the IAC
  4. Hello all. I'm Matt, owner of a MNB 2000 SVT Contour that I've had for about a year now. Bought it not running, and with some time and effort it is my wife's baby carrier and sometimes my daily when I want to have some fun. Wanted to give Buckeye and all of the others (RIP Terry) a big thanks for the tutorials that have helped me in keeping my fickle friend on the road. Current plans are forming a plan of attack for a 3L swap, repairing the dash warp and other niggly bits and eventually paint and body work.
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