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  1. So is there a trick to getting photos to fit on here? I’d like to show off my car but even one photo from my phone library says too large? Thanks!
  2. Keep me posted on the meets! Back in my Marauder ownership days I always went to meets all over. Although now driving a light prairie metallic Contour is slightly less exciting; it’s always nice to chat with fellow car guys. Only real issue I see now is the inoperative temp gauge which my OCD will drive me nuts until I fix it; every gauge and every last light must work on any car I own! The valve cover gasket is next...you can smell it when the climate control is on. Stinky...lol.
  3. Hi all. Up here in the PNW. Just picked up a clean ‘98 Contour the other day. 153k miles. Literally got it due to being a manual. After a few days of ownership I see a couple small DIY things to fix but I think I got a deal at $1200 and I will say it handles way better than most FWD cars. Been a car guy my whole life; mostly RWD but this fills the neccessity at this point in my life. Looking forward to being on here! *was gonna post pics since I just cleaned it up but even 1 photo is too large from an iPhone?
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