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  1. So I replaced my timing cover, spark plugs, and alternator. After it was complete the car ran for few minutes then died. After that couldn't get to start. I have fuel, I could here the fuel pump prime and checked for pressure at the Schrader valve. So I replace the crank sensor and cam sensor and still no spark. I checked for 12v+ at the coil with the key on and it's good even while cranking. I checked for pulse while cranking and no good. Started unwrapping the cover on the wiring harness and the harness looks good so far. Coil and wires less than a year old.....I'm stumped and need some help. Sorry for the long read
  2. What's up everyone! Thanks for allowing me join. I own a 98 svt contour silfro e0 and have had a little over a year.
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