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  1. JCPDX

    Pats system

    So I'm still kinda new to cars with security, never paid much attention to them.. But short question... Pats light on dash blinks every 3 seconds... Normal?
  2. JCPDX


    Ok... bit of back up... Bought the car needing a clutch.. Also had no radio... Took it to a bad mechanic unknowingly.. Got clutch replaced a couple times... After the last time he worked on it my a/c was no longer working,and the guide pin passenger side on radiator was ripped up causing radiator leak... Took it to an awesome mechanic who installed new radiator.... Installed radio myself... Used to do it a lot when i was younger.. Blast ahead a couple years... Don't remember transmission or motor mount... One was broken and rubbed a hole in the hydraulic line for clutch... Had that all fixed but the second mechanic... Worked great until recently when i moved to Portland... Had the power steering pump, rack n pinion, and brakes completely replaced before i came here... All had bad leaks.... Over all it had been a great car... All this time on the same battery.... Lights have dimmed with radio since i stated driving the Car... Or when the idle is down it dims slightly.... And recently not been starting all the time and speedometer bouncing when the accelerator is pressed.... Currently I'm driving with the radio face off to see if the drain stops... Thought back story may give other ideas as well
  3. JCPDX


    Currently I do need a little help, recently the speedometer started jumping when I start it and sometimes when I rev the engine... As well as not wanting to start.. Any ideas?
  4. Hey everyone, just thought I'd pop into a forum and say hello. Bought my 99 CSVT back around 2011 or 2012, was in rough shape then and I haven't been able to do much to it. Have loved it ever since.
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