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  1. https://www.ebay.com/itm/2000-Ford-Contour-SVT-2-5-Engine-New-Reman-OEM-Replacement/262485628098?hash=item3d1d5cd4c2:g:QIkAAOSwmtJXYfJD I found this motor this has been the best thing that I have seen thus so far. What do y’all think about this deal?
  2. Yea I’m shopping around to find something cheaper but it is not looking too good. But I did have a guy tell me he did not know if he could rebuild it because all he had was stock internals from the regular 2.5 durtex. Only thing with that one was I wasn’t sure if the internals are the same from the regular 2.5 to the svt?
  3. I have been doing a little shopping around and it looks like is going to be $4000-4500 to rebuild the motor. I haven’t priced getting my wiring harness Refurbished.
  4. Yes I noticed that a lot of the 3.0l are high mileage. But I was thinking of rebuilding the engine. If I rebuild the engine what upgrades do you think I need to do?
  5. Hello everyone, I bought my svt about a month ago, just too find out that my engine is locked up. So I was wondering is better to replace the 2.5, rebuild it or swap a 3.0l in it? I just want to know which is the best option?
  6. Hello everyone glad to be on this form i’m a new owner of a 1999 Ford contour SVT it was a dream car that I always wanted unfortunately is not running at the moment but I’m trying to solve the problem.
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